21 February 2014 (Friday) - Happy Birthday to Me

The GP never did phone back about that referral to the sleep clinic yesterday. I remembered that as I was lying awake shortly after 4am this morning.
After brekkie I took “Furry Face TMround the park for a walk. He liked that; and so did I; this morning’s walk was rather uneventful apart from one minor episode. Some rather odd woman had lost the dog she was looking after for a friend. She had this idea that if all the dogs in the park could be gathered together her missing mutt would feel left out and try to join in. Together with the more seasoned dog walkers in the park I know the main ingredient for a dog fight (lots of dogs) and no one was very keen to join in. I left other dog walkers dealing with the stressy fit that ensued from the newby dog-sitter.

Once home we settled the pup down to sleep, and we drove to Rye. A while back I’d won a meal for two at Marino’s in Rye, and today we thought we’d take advantage of the offer as we often go out for a meal on this day every year. Can’t imagine why….
There was a minor embarrassment in the restaurant when firstly the waiter claimed that the (undated) voucher had expired and then secondly when the proprietor of the place claimed that the voucher was nothing to do with them; they had never issued the thing. Fortunately they honoured it, and we had a rather good bit of fish and chips. It wouldn’t have been that serious if they hadn’t honoured it; it’s not as though I can’t afford a bag of chips but…
I’d won the voucher in the astro club’s raffle. (As well as hawking it I take part too). I wouldn’t have minded if I had ended up with an iffy voucher, but I would have been mortified had one of the punters been faced with a worthless voucher. Obviously the astro club would have reimbursed them for any costs, but would we have been liable for anything else? Could we as a club have been sued for the embarrassment of having presented a duff voucher?
I shall have to take advice.

Whilst in Rye we played Munzee. There are loads of Munzees in Rye; I got First to Find on three; ‘er indoors TM  FTF’ed four. All of these had been hidden last June. Compare that to geocaches which are usually found within a couple of hours of going live.
And talking of geocaches we found a few of those too.
As it was on our way home (sort of) we came home via Peasmarsh to see if we couldn’t find two geocaches we couldn’t find two weeks ago. We found both. One was tricky; two weeks ago three of us were in GPS agreement to within a couple of feet as to where the thing was hidden and we couldn’t find it. Today my GPS (with the same co-ordinates) took me somewhere twenty yards away on the other side of the road and I found the cache in less than a minute.
The other one was odd. We logged we couldn’t find it. The chap who’d hidden it went out and declared it was lost and put out a replacement. We then found the original.

And so home. After filling up with fish and chips at mid day we weren’t hungry, so I slept in front of the telly whilst ‘er indoors TM  started preparing party food for tomorrow.
There’s a party tomorrow apparently…

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