23 February 2014 (Sunday) - Cheriton Festival of Lights

I woke feeling rather rough this morning. Can’t imagine why that might be. I came downstairs to find the kitchen was awash with food left over from last night’s party. When putting on a buffet it goes one of two ways; either it looks like the locusts have been after five minutes, or you have loads left over. We had loads left over, which is probably the best way for it to be – we can be sure no one went hungry.
Mind you we also had some wonderful people helping us by bringing along some rather good scoff. I’m not going hungry this week.

An interesting episode over brekkie; despite having more baguettes than sense (six) we had no margarine. And something else that was missing was my voice. I went to say hello to my dog and nothing happened. I moved my mouth and did the breathing-out-speaking thing and all that happened was a strange squeaking. The voice slowly came back as the day wore on; perhaps being a lead vocalist isn’t for me?

I walked “Furry Face TM “ round to “My Boy TMwhere after a little while ‘er indoors TM  joined us. We had a rather good bit of lunch, and then I did pressies. So many people had brought me gifts to last night’s party and partly because I wanted to be sociable and chat to everyone and mostly because I was pouring the beer down my neck, Cheryl took all the cards and pressies safely. After lunch I sat down and opened them all. I was rather pleased and more than a little humbled at what I’d got. Some very generous gifts; I’ve got some wonderful friends.
And people with whom I’ve not worked for over two and a half years had clubbed together to get me an Amazon voucher.

‘er indoors TM  took “Furry Face TM “ and Lacey for a walk whilst I slept in front of the telly. When the girls returned we drove down to Cheriton for the light show. Last year there was a festival of lights in Cheriton. At the time I mentioned that it was nothing really special, but was a fun event. I rather assumed that the organisers would have worked on the foundations of last year to make a better event this year. I don’t want to sound critical, but they hadn’t.
The live music was good, the display of camper vans was interesting, the light displays were excellent (especially the forest in someone’s living room); but there seemed less of them than there were last year. But it was a good evening out; and the fireworks were a wonderful way to finish off what has been a rather good weekend.

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