7 February 2014 (Friday) - Winchester Science Centre

Being at a loose end I agreed to make up the numbers on an astro club committee jolly today. But the day started with something of a dilemma. I'd been told the dress code was "smart casual". I can do casual; I can do casual very easily. With a little effort I can do smart; mind you I have been told that my version of smart looks like a shaved chimpanzee, but smart is as smart does.
On having a rummage for suitable trousers I found three pairs I never knew I had. It's amazing what happens when you aren't paying attention.

Jason called, and four of us set off to Hampshire. We stopped at the motorway services where, after a quick cuppa, I found three munzees. From there it was only a short hop to the Winchester Science Centre. I First to Finded a munzee in the car park, then put the sat nav away.

The astro club is planning to build a science centre in Ashford, and today we went to Winchester to see one in action.
We spent half an hour looking at the interactive exhibits. I say "looking at"; I was playing with them. And then we were called over the tannoy. The centre manager was free, and we had lunch with her. We learned an awful lot about the logisitics of running such a place, and then we got to have a look-see in the planetarium. Very impressive.
If any of my loyal readers are ever in the vicinity or Winchester, do pop in and see the place. It's rather good.

Interestingly the nice lady who was showing us round is one of the leading lights in the British Association of Planetariums (BAP) and she told us of their annual convention which is taking place later in the year. I for one certainly intend to be at BAP-Con (!)
After all the excitement I slept most of the way home...

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