10 February 2014 (Monday) - Plop Trumps

Yesterday evening four new geocaches went live on the Romney Marsh; about twenty minutes’ drive away. I could have chased them, but I was rather tired and the rain was torrential. So I thought I’d leave them and it might give me something to do if and when I woke up at silly o’clock. With four new caches there is enough to go round for those of us who chase First to Finds.
I woke at silly o’clock and had a look-see on-line. Someone else had gone out in that torrential rain and had logged the lot.
There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with having gone out and logged the lot within ninety minutes of go-live; however had I gone out I would have not bagged the lot. But that’s just me.

After a spot of brekkie “Furry Face TMdragged himself out of his basket. He seemed incredibly tired after yesterday’s walk; far more so than usual. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was sickening for something. But he perked up when I suggested we might go for a walk.
We went straight to Pets at Home where I bought a new lead (after the old one snapped yesterday). From there we did one of our standard “raining walks” out through Newtown to Willesborough and home past the civic centre. It’s a dull walk, but all on tarmac which is good when it’s raining.
Mind you much of the town has flooded again after the weekend’s rains and once home “Furry Face TMhad a bath to wash off the worst of the mud he’d managed to accumulate.

I then spent an hour or so in domestic drudgery; hoovering (with a Dyson), taking out recyclables, fixing the Dyson after it got blocked up with stuffing (again), laundry. All dull stuff. To reward myself I popped up to the KFC for lunch. At the risk of appearing racist the place wasn’t so much a fast food establishment as a drop-in centre for all the non-English speakers for miles around. The place was heaving, and no one was speaking English; least of all the people behind the counter.

I scoffed my KFC whilst watching episodes of “Family Guy”, and then planned a walk for next weekend. I then revised some of my puzzle geocaches. Having devised a puzzle entirely dependent on a list in Wikipedia, Wikipedia has since deleted that list; which was something of a pain.
With time on my hands I did this week’s instalment of my latest on-line course. We’re coving the history of the Internet at the moment. It would seem that the creation of the Internet was a triumph for socialist principles; the American private enterprises were apparently dead against the idea (according to the lecturer).
And I got ninety per cent in this week’s test.

I popped round to see Lacey. She’s been doing “procreation” at school. She doesn’t seem to have completely grasped the fundamentals of the concept bearing in mind she thinks her hamster is pregnant because she loves it. But she had been asking one or two awkward questions, and Grandad coming round to play “Plop Trumps” was seen as something of a life-saver.
I was expecting “Plop Trumps” (top trumps with animal turds) to have received the big thumbs-down, so it seemed that everyone was a winner.

Getting some astro club cheques signed and an evening’s ironing then came as something of an anti-climax…

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