16 February 2014 (Sunday) - Chislet

Perhaps I should learn moderation in drinking; I never have just the one pint; I always seem to go for the gallon. But despite having drunk far too much yesterday I was remarkably chipper this morning.

Nothing much seemed to have happened in the world overnight, and after a relatively uneventful brekkie we drove round to collect Suzy and her entourage. Three of us and two small dogs then made our way (via a petrol station) to Chislet where a dozen or so geocaches had been hidden along a vaguely circular route of some four miles. In a complete break with recent tradition the sun was shining, and it shone all day. It was whilst we were wandering along this route that I had something of a milestone - my two thousand eight hudredth cache find.

Four miles didn't take us long, and so we moved on to the Grove Ferry picnic site for a spot of lunch (and more tupperware-hunting). We had intended to make more of this picnic site, but with the place being closed because of the extensive floods we moved on. We found a few more caches here and there, and then solved a puzzle to discover a cache hide nearly a mile away. So we wandered across hill and dale and after quite a hike we got to within two metres of this cache. But no closer. We were at the water's edge. We could see where we thought the cache was hidden; somewhere under the water. So we gave up on that one. And we came home - despite the sunny day, it hadn't been a warm one, and as the sun was setting the temperature was dropping.
I took a few photos whilst we were out.
Once home "Furry Face TM" had his bath. I tried settling him, but he was overtired and wouldn't calm down. He did eventually, and as he snored I watched drivel on the telly.
One thousand channels of rubbish...

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