17 February 2014 (Monday) - Canterbury

I had to go to Canterbury for very dull reasons this morning. So I went only to find I had wasted my time. I had originally planned to take the train, but it’s very inconvenient and actually costs more than driving. So I drove.
Having realised I’d wasted my time I thought I’d make the most of a bad episode by seeing what geocaching I could do. There was one cache in a park which I knew was missing, but I’d emailed the C.O. and asked if she would mind if I replaced it for her. She was happy for me to do so, and so as I was passing I popped a new cache in place.

I then made my way round to the cathedral. There was a cache based on the place. There was a puzzle based on the entrance to the place. I solved the puzzle and came up with an answer about half a mile away. So I walked that half a mile to find myself in a rather grotty back alley in one of the less salubrious parts of town. The hint to find the cache said to rummage in a certain place. I rummaged only to find a discarded hypodermic syringe. I didn’t bother looking any more. I logged “did not find”; I think I might have been forgiven had I logged “Needs Archiving”. Perhaps I’m being harsh, but there are very few caches hidden in Canterbury. There must be dozens (if not hundreds) of better places than that.

Whilst in the area I called in to Golding Surplus for a pair of trousers. I found they sold ammo tins too. Might get one at some point.
I carried my walk round past the railway station where I spotted another cache from several yards away. My plan was then to look at a multi-hide along by the river, but the riverside walk was closed. So instead I went to McDonalds.  Whilst in there I logged my visit on Facebook as “Enjoying the freak show”. It may sound harsh, but it was a fairly accurate summary. I reviewed the place on Facebook as “Good food. Shame about the shrieking harpie clientele”. There were half a dozen women in their late twenties pretending to be in their early teens screaming at each other. There was a O.A.P. convention trying to spread four people across the entire building. And there were two rather thick gentlemen who, on discovering that chips were filled with potatoes, were asking everyone and anyone why they don’t make chips with different fillings.

I came back to the car via Canterbury Castle (which I could now get in to), and once home I had a cup of coffee and watched a film. Pi was an odd film. The premise that irrational numbers contain a message from God is not a new idea, and it is a story which has been done better. But I only slept through about half of the film, which for me is something of a glowing endorsement.

I then did this week’s part of my course about the history of the Internet. Week Three was all about early browsers and Mosaic. I got full marks in the quiz; and felt rather smug about it. I then popped the lead onto “Furry Face TMand took him round the block. He seemed to like that.

And with those who bowl doing that sort of thing I settled down and watched Star Trek IV on the telly. I’ve not seen that film for a while. More holes in the plot than I could count, but its Star Trek and can be forgiven a few hiccups…

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