14 February 2014 (Friday) - Still Raining

One of the good things about my working pattern is the amount of time I have off of work. When I am at work I do a twelve-hour shift. So a day’s work is one and two-thirds of many people’s working day. However I only do three of those each week. And if one of those working days is a weekend I get more days off mid-week with “Furry Face TM. A fortunate combination of weekend working and use of leave means I now have nearly two weeks before I am back at work.
Let’s hope I can keep myself out of mischief.

My dog was woken by the bin men shortly after 7am, and since he was awake he decided everyone else should be too. Over brekkie I checked out the news. When not at work I tend to ignore current affairs, but today I was pleased by the news. Dave Lee Travis (the hairy Cornflake) and William Roache (Ken Barlow) have both been found not guilty of the allegations made against them. Good!
If nothing else this should send a message to all the grasping opportunists out there that this gravy train has been derailed. Any if anyone else has any allegations from forty years ago then maybe they might realise they have left it thirty nine and three hundred and fifty five three hundred and fifth sixths years too late.

With heavy rain forecast from 10am I took the pestilential pup for his walk a little earlier than usual. Bowens Field Wetland Park excelled its name; being more of a swamp than a wetland. Viccie Park was also on the damp side. But being early we missed most of the other dog walkers. I’ve not seen OrangeHead or her chunky little friend for ages.
As we walked I saw the council had sent out some people to tidy up. Their full bags of litter were waiting collection. “Furry Face TMdidn’t like those bags; for some reason he was scared of them. He gave them all a serious woofing-at. Other than that our walk was relatively uneventful, and we got home just before the rain started. Once home it didn’t take long to hose the mud off of my dog. He’s getting really good about baths now; hopping into the bath himself and holding up his paws to have them washed.

I watched the latest episode of “The Tomorrow People”. Another good story; things are getting rather saucy now. And then I had a simultaneous phone call and text message from the environment agency telling me of a formal flood warning for my house. Whilst it can hardly come as a surprise bearing in mind all the rain we’ve had, and how full the rivers are, it’s still disconcerting to get a formal flood warning for your own house.

I spent the afternoon working on my latest on-line course. The history of the Internet is an interesting topic; today I had to write an essay of one thousand words about my first experiences of the Internet. I wittered on about the halcyon days of Compuserve and Usenet and ICQ. I came in at nine hundred and ninety nine words. One to spare. Was the essay any good? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

And as the flood waters rise I’m sitting here wondering what will happen next…

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