8 February 2014 (Saturday) - Dover Beer Festival

A restless night - I was watching "South Park" at 4am. Over brekkie I had a bit of a rant. In the week I sent out an invite to over fifty people about today's trip to Dover Beer Festival. I know I did leave deciding about going to the festival rather late, and I know that most people would have already planned their weekends. But nearly sixty per cent of the people invited never replied.

er indoors TM" and I set off to the station. Normally Ashford International is heaving with weirdie-beardies of the day of Dover Beer Festival. Today very few. were there. The Rear Admiral met us as the train came through Folkestone and after a quick Munz and Cache we were in the queue for beer. In previous years Dover Beer Festival has been heaving; this year not so. But a good time was had by all. Four pints of the dark stuff, a good sing along. And even three more pubs afterwards. Including rank cheese in the Firkin.

Things became progressively more vague as the day went on...

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