8 June 2013 (Saturday) - The Speldhurst Stroll

I woke shivering at 4am having somehow thrown all the covers off of me. As I tried to sort out the mess I'd made of the bedding I had the shock of my life. "Furry Face TM" had somehow sneaked upstairs in the night and had made himself a nest inside the covers I'd thrown off of myself and over him. He sprung from a tangled blanket and licked my nose. Try as I might I wasn't going to get back to sleep after that fright.

Over a spot of brekkie I listened to next door clanging on their piano. There is an old adage "practice makes perfect". If only it were so. In several years of clanging, practice has so far not even got as far as "not bad". But I'm not complaining. All the time they clang that piano morning, noon and night I have no qualms about making as muck noise as I like.

With er indoors TM" off candlemongering I set off on a geo-mission with Lisa. First we went to Pembury to see if we could find one of the county's oldest geocaches. We found it, as had some "normal people". Someone had written in the log "I have found your stuff in this box I think you are f*ing strange". Which was nice.
From there we went on to Tunbridge Wells for the monthly cacher's meeting. It was good to meet up with friends, and after an hour or so spent chatting eight of us went off on a geo-stroll of about five miles and twenty-something caches. Some tricky cache hides; the GPS co ordinates seemed to be variable. At one point I was up a tree; at another I was nearly breaking my neck. There wasn't too much mud, and on the way one of our number found his two thousandth cache.
I do like these monthly cachers meetings. It's an ideal chance to meet up and chat with with like-minded people and go for a stroll with friends old and new. Today we had a really good gossip, and had a good walk in the sunshine with others who don't think there's anything wrong with hunting out plastic boxes in the woods

With the walk done we went back to the pub for a crafty half and then came home. I walked "Furry Face TM" round the block, and with er indoors TM" off to the film night I settled down in front of the telly for a slob-about and to recharge my batteries for more geo-nonsense tomorrow.
My neck really aches now. I wonder if I ricked it earlier when nearly breaking it...?

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