7 June 2013 (Friday) - Elvis

I had a late night last night, finally turning in about 1am. I woke at 2.30am, and lay rather restless for the rest of the night. I streamed some Sparks albums from You-Tube on my phone, but I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally got up at 7am; sulking that I wasn't in a field like I really should have been. I had a day's leave booked for today specifically because I was supposed to be in a field. Oh well; a day off when the weather is good is never a bad thing.

I did more on-line psychology over brekkie. It's a good course but it is slightly marred by the fact that the course tutor is a "pushy" vegetarian. If people choose to be vegetarian then that is their choice. However there is a vocal minority of vegetarians who push the fact and seem to delight in trying to lay guilt onto non-vegetarians. I can't help but feel that there is no place for pro-veggie propaganda in an on-line psychology course, but what do I know?
I also did the "half-way" test for the course. I don't think that as an examination it was very good. It merely asked for a lot of recollection of specific facts and didn't test any understanding at all.

I then put "Furry Face TM"'s collar and lead on him and took him for a walk. He was off the lead for a lot loger than usual today. He was mostly well behaved, but while we were out he did think that he'd saved the world from three joggers, two postmen, three cyclists, two motorbikes, an old lady's shopping trolley, a man wearing a silly hat and a dustbin lorry. I wish he wouldn't take it on himself to have woofing fits at anything which moves.
Whilst we were out I hid a geocache,and found one which had been eluding me for over a month.

Home again - I put more laundry into the washing machine. Dull I know, but it won't wash itself. And as the afternoon wore on the clans gathered. Eight of us then set off to meet even more at the New Chimneys for a birthday meal, a few beers and Elvis. I do like an Elvis tribute, even if he is doing Dusty Springfield songs.
Perhaps I'm getting old - after three pints I came home and went straight to bed...

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