14 June 2013 (Friday) - Ramsgate, Dungeness

I was up with the lark and watching the antics of Apollo and Starbuck at 5.30am today. It's only recently that I realised that the chap who played the part of Apollo in the original 1970s BattleStar Galactica played the part of the arch-nasty in the recent re-make.
And so to work. I say "work" - I was on a course today so I wasn't at my usual haunt, but in Margate instead. As a treat I arrived early and had a fry up. I have often thought about adding a page to this blog entitled "the Perfect Fry-up". I've had excellent frips (to coin a phrase) in all sorts of places. I'm afraid today's wouldn't rate highly though.

I did my course which was on the dull side. It finished at mid day, and I'd arranged to take the rest of the day as holiday. By an amazing stroke of luck the course was held just up the road from a shop in Ramsgate which sold geocaching supplies. I'd arranged to call in to see them. Firsttofind.co.uk was a rather impressive name for a web site. But as a shop - I was disappointed. Whilst their stock is good, they are really an on-line business. I had been hoping to have a mooch round a shop and have a good browse. Instead when I finally found the place (it took some finding) it was effectively just a counter. They probably had loads of stuff, but weren't geared up for passing trade, which was a shame. But I found the cache just down the road from the place.

Whilst I was in the area I picked up a puzzle cache I'd solved some time ago and was saving until such time as I was passing (like today)
The puzzle was reasonably straight forward, and (I think) that this cache will stay in my cacher-stats for some time as it is the most easterly cache in the UK for miles around. I had planned to go on to Ramsgate harbour to hunt out some caches there, but what looked like a short walk on the map looked a bit further in reality. So I contented myself with watching the kite surfer for a few minutes.

And so home to find my lego train tracks had arrived from eBay. I would have got the tracks out but "Daddies Little Angel TM" was in residence and Skinhead was visiting. Much as I enjoy embarrassing the fruits of my loin, I wouldn't want my Dad to get his lego out when my mates were about.

Once er indoors TM" came home we got "Furry Face TM"'s lead on him and went to Dungeness for a walk. It was a really good evening for a wander; we had the entire area to ourselves. "Furry Face TM"' did disgrace himself when he got a whiff of a rabbit, and there's no denying that I wish he hadn't been carrying a fish head around quite so much, but you can't have everything...

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