4 June 2013 (Tuesday) - Stuff

This morning over a spot of brekkie I watched one of my psychology lectures. Today we were covering memory and the concept of deja vu. Perhaps I might have been mistaken whenever I think I've been somewhere or done something before.
And then my piss boiled as I had deja vu again properly.

The plan for the week was originally to be preparing for the kite festival at Teston. The arrangement for many years has been that we put on a weekend long show for the county council; they allow us to camp out for the weekend. The council have changed that arrangement. They want us to pay them one thousand pounds for the right to camp in the field whilst still putting on the show for them at our own expense. Consequently camping won't be happening this weekend and the event was cancelled. Or so I thought.

Some kiters have decided to put the kite festival on after all. They will drive for hours, fly the kites on Saturday, drive home in the evening, drive back again and do it all again on the Sunday. The council were against camping in the first place. They only allowed camping because it was the only way to get the kite fliers along. And now there are those who have rolled over and are giving the council what they want. Free to the council and at not inconsiderable expense to themselves.
Surely this is the death knell for Teston Kite Festival as it has been. From here on in it will be a day's kite-flying event; the long weekends camping with friends will be no more; just as the council has wanted.
What particularly boils my piss over the whole sorry saga is that with kite festivals dying all over the country, those who are going to put on this show really can't see that it is they themselves who have killed off this festival.

I then had a look at my emails. A new geocache had gone live in Magazine Road; which is on my morning's drive to work. I set off fifteen minutes earlier than usual and soon had that cache in my hand. First to Find as well. That cheered me up a little.
I popped into the Cheapo Bargains shop on my way to work. Another example of psychology in action. Because the place has got "Bargains" in big letters on a sign outside the place, one thinks one is actually getting bargains. Whilst some things there are cheap, much of it is at supermarket prices; if not more expensive

There was something interesting on the radio as I drove.
Apparently a company has set up in business reclaiming dumped supermarket trollies, and has an app you can download to your phone which you can use to report unwanted trollies. I might just download that.

After a rather eventful few days, today was rather dull...


  1. Re; Teston. I think you are missing the point here.People want to fly kites here to remember the days before you and I were involved with kite festivals. Its like going to Stone Henge on solstice and not being alowed to touch the stones.
    Some will go regardless and risk arrest others will let it slide into our past and accept its fate. Each has his own feeeling on how it shall pass. I would if I could. I was at Stone Henge in 84. I was preventeted in 85.
    If the oppertunity presents itself then I will touch the stones, if not I will live with happy memorires. I hope this is the way with Teston

  2. But in touching the stones at Stonehenge you aren't spoiling it for others...