10 June 2013 (Monday) - My Leg Hurts

I had a rather disturbed night's sleep. I think I would have slept well if not for my equine altercation yesterday. Every time I rolled on to my right side I yelped in pain. Not good(!)

Over a spot of brekkie I looked out of the window and wondered about what might have been. The original plan for the weekend had us camping. The weather at the beginning of the weekend was good. Yesterday was cold. Whilst out walking yesterday I was searching through my pockets trying to find gloves. Which is not really the sort of thing one does less than two weeks from midsummer's day. There had been a geocacher's camp at the weekend - I'd seen the photos of people there huddled up in the cold. One of the attendees reported that the first thing they did when they came home was to turn on the heating, and that her husband had gone to bed with a cold.
This morning was rather chilly, dark and overcast. Perhaps it was for the best that we didn't go camping.

I had a look at some of the photos from the people that did put on a kite show at Teston over the weekend. It looks to me as though there were hardly any of the normal people there on Saturday despite good weather on that day. Whenever I've been at Teston on a non-kite festival day there has never been many people using the place either. This makes me wonder why the council are asking for so much money for us to stage a kiting event there. Clearly it's not as though the field is in use for anything else.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived shhortly after brekkie and we took the dogs for a walk. Or she and the dogs walked. I alternately hobbled and staggered. My leg was rather tender after yesterday's equine incident. It's got scarring and the bruising is starting to come out. I phoned the doctor for advice. As I was able to stand he thought it unlikely that the leg was broken. He suggested ice packs to relieve the swelling. I phoned the land owner to see what they had to say about their wild horse. After a lot of unanswered calls someone answered the phone. I described where the incident had happened and the horse in question, and the chap on the phone admitted that it was their animal on their land. I suspect that he will regret that admission.
He then said that the boss was away until Saturday and I should ring back then. I assured him that I would, and in the meantime I suggested that he might like to do something about what was demonstrably a dangerous animal. He didn't seem very inclined to do anything but wait for the arrival of his boss.
During the day several of my loyal readers have offered suggestions and advice for which I am very grateful. I've now handed it all over to "suethem.com" and am awaiting developments.

It was interesting that the chap at the stables should take the stance that he did. Today's psychology lecture described his attitude perfectly.
Apparently most people seem to be happiest when they are deferring to higher authority. Just like the bloke at the stables did. Today's psychology lecture had yet another blatant pro-vegetarian advertisement. I think the chap's rather naughty to be using the course as a vehicle to push his views in this way...

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