28 June 2013 (Friday) - New Bins, Astro Club

As I scoffed my brekkie and watched DVDs I wondered if today was "Blue Box Friday". I checked the website and found that it was. I also found that there is an Ashford council recycling app. I downloaded it and shall fiddle with it later.
I set off early to the glazier to get the replacement shelf for the new wall unit. An small glass shelf cost seventeen quid (!) There was a minor mishap when I spent too long chatting and gassing with the people in the glaziers that I actually left without picking up the glass shelf, but it didn't take too long to go back and get it. Woops. Fortunately the thing fits nicely where it should.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived. She was very excited about her latest money making scheme - "Extreme Couponing". She's been watching the Honey Boo Boo channel and had this theory that she could save a load of money by using money-off coupons when she goes shopping. She was rather vague about where these coupons would come from; but had some idea that you could get them by being pro-active. Personally I wish she's stop being pro-active and start being quiet, but what do I know.
I suggested that when the money-off coupons came through the letter box she might use the coupons in the shops and not use them to line her guinea pigs' cage. This idea came as something of a revelation, and she started looking at the clutter that had just come through the door with a view to saving on her next shopping bill.

We took the dogs for a wander and came home via Pets at Home. I'd phoned them to see if they had a starter unit for the fish tank light. They'd told me that they had the one I needed, and even quoted a price. When I got the the shop they were insistent that they didn't do starter units for fish tank lights. They were adamant that no one had spoken with me on the phone, and even showed me all the lighting section to prove that they had none.

And so home where I had more dealings with doombrains. I arrived home to find our new recycling bins were being delivered. For some reason we only had half the amount of bins that the neighbours had been given. I asked the chaps doing the delivering why this was. They didn't know and fetched the supervisor. This half-wit (and that is a kind description) told me that bins were allocated following a review of the amount of waste put out by each individual house. I asked said half-wit how such an analysis of rubbish output could be conducted, bearing in mind that on bin days we have been putting our rubbish in a pile with rubbish from several other houses. He had no answer, so I phoned the council and complained. Half-wit will be dispatched with more bins for us.
Interestingly these bins were put in our garden; somewhere that previously bin men have never dared to tread. Hopefully in this new world order of bin collections they will actually be able to collect the bins rather than just leaving them like they have done in the past.

I spent an afternoon doing dull washing and ironing and sorting undercrackers, and then set off to astro club. An interesting talk; a chance to meet up with friends. I won a voucher for the chip shop in the raffle. good times.
Mind you attendance at astro club is down on what it has been. I wonder why - I think it's every bit as good as it ever was.

Meanwhile, unlike trans-Atlantic knees, my knee seems to be on the mend. I shall be grateful for small mercies...

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