17 June 2013 (Monday) - Bins

I got some petrol this morning on my way to work, and then popped in to Morrisons to get some shopping. As I was walking out something in the newspaper stands caught my eye.
In Ashford we are about to get a lot less dustbin collections and instead have a lot more recycling. We will have to separate recyclables from rubbish, and put our food waste in different bins from perishables. Blue rubbish will have to go into the yellow tub whilst red waste will have to go into the aquamarine receptive. And so on.
This kind of active sorting of waste has been going on for some time in Canterbury. And now it turns out that despite people's best efforts to sort refuse into its constituent rubbish, when the bin men collect it, they just chuck it all into the same skip.
Apparently three bin men are up for the sack because of this revelation. Personally I can't help but wonder if this is for their chucking the various flavours of tat all in together, or if this is because they got caught doing so.

And then my phone rang. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that I got hoofed (literally) by a horse a week ago. Last Monday I contacted "sue them dot com". Today the legal-eagles at "sue them dot com" phoned me back to say they weren't interested in my case, but wondered if I wanted to have a pop at my bank for mis-sold PPI insurance.
So, to recap... I was the victim of an unprovoked attack from an uncontrolled horse on a public right of way. Whilst I survived the incident, it was purely luck. Had the blow hit my shin then a bone would have been broken. Had the blow hit a child it could have killed them. The landowner doesn't care, nor does the owner of the horse. The police are utterly disinterested, as are "sue them dot com". The Ramblers Association don't want to get involved; they have referred me to the local council who have still to get back to me after a week's inactivity.
Perhaps I should go turn that horse into glue and/or dog food and then see if everyone is still unconcerned...

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