3 June 2013 (Monday) - Busy

Over a spot of brekkie I had a look at the asro club's accounts. I bagged up some of the money and took it up to the bank. I don't like having too much petty cash kicking about the place. I arrived at the bank a few minutes early and found that some of the bank staff were waiting to get in as well as the customers. One of the staff was rather impatient, and was hammering on the window and bellowing to be let in. I wasn't impressed at that.
I took my place in the queue outside. I was third in the queue. As the door opened we all walked in. The idiot who had been first in the queue made great show of his dramatic entrance. And as he played to a crowd that was blatantly ignoring him everyone walked past him to the tills. When he realised that his little performance had gone unnoticed he then started ranting at an uninterested world that he had been first and now was last.
I paid in loads of dosh and then went round to the pound shop to get some more magnetic key holders. The pound shop had sold out. That was a pain. They did have insoles for shoes at a pound each. That was also a pain as I'd just paid five pounds for a similar thing in the shoe shop.

Home where I collected Furry Face and we went for a walk round the park. There was a caravan parked in the middle of the park. A pikey invasion? I hope not. I wonder what's going on there.
We then came home and I did some more of my psychology course. Today we covered superstitions and their psychological causes. Fascinating! It was at this point that the front door opened and the birthday girl came in with Sid. We exchanged insults and set off on a mission. We took a bin load of garden rubbish to the tip (seemingly at the same time as the rest of humanity) and then went on for some McDinner as a birthday treat.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid then went off on their merry way. Finding that (for once) I had been able to park the car outside the house I took the Hoover out to it and had a bit of a clean-up inside my car. A job which was long overdue. I then sorted my undercrackers and exchanged insults with some passing geocachers who were investigating my garden. They told me that the cache of mine in Banks Road that I'd replaced only a few weeks ago had gone missing again. So I put Furry Face's lead on him and we went on a walk to replace the missing cache only to find it was where it was supposed to be.

I then got the laundry on from the washing line and spent two hours doing ironing. We had tea, and with er indoors TM" setting off bowling I settled down to watch "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". There was tragedy in tonight's episode - Glitzy the pig got his marching orders. He farted after Mumma got him agitated,and Mumma couldn't cope.
Personally I'm not sure that a pig would make a good house pet but Honey Boo Boo was heartbroken...

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  1. Don't worry, they get a pet chicken to keep indoors next.