25 June 2013 (Tuesday) - Goodbye Mick...

The night before last wasn't a triumph for 5-hydroxy-tryptophan; last night was better. I slept until ten minutes before the alarm was dur to go off. I got up and over a spot of brekkie I checked my emails. Frustration. there is a puzzle-geocache beased in the general vicinity of Dungeness Power Station. the puzzle is based on the fact that one TV channel has featured link pieces based on footage from the area. I *think* I know what the channel is, but I'm having problems solving other parts of the puzzle. So I emailed the cache owner to check that my initial assumption was right. he emailed back to say he wasn't telling.
On reflection I suppose that it is his right to do that. However it's not as though I just gave up and asked him to tell me where the cache was; all I wanted was one small hint. He says he's looking forward to seeing my "Found It" log. I suspect he's going to have a long wait. I've wasted enough time on this cache; there's plenty of others out there I shall go for instead.

The news seriously bioled my piss this morning. Twenty years after the Stephen Lawrence affair teh establishment is waking up to the fact that there was (just possibly) institutional racism in the police of the 1980s.
The pundits on the radio were calling for independent investigations to review the policing of the time. Are they serious. A friend of mine resigned from the Met in 1983 because he didn't like the fact that black lad were regularly beaten up in the police cells. Another friend of mine saw the same happening in the cells in Sussex police stations at the same time. The chaps of afro-Caribbean origin with whom I went to college were no friends of the police having had first hand experience of what the police of the time were like. It's well established that if you were a young black lad in the 1980s the police would have given you a slap.
It's no secret that I'm no fan of the Boys in Blue, but I'm pretty sure that this institutional racism is firmly a thing of the past. It happened, but after various riots it stopped. There's plenty of things wrong with the current police force for independent tribunals to investigate. Why bother wasting time investigating that which we all knew happened and have now stopped?

Being Tuesday the clans gathered; today at Arden Drive. Insults bandied, telly watched. I missed last week's meeting; it was good to get along tonight.

And in closing today spare a thought for the family of Professor Mick - he died today...

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