26 June 2013 (Wednesday) - Furniture

5-hydroxy-tryptophan worked its wonders again last night - six hours unbroken sleep. I wonder if that will be my last good night's sleep. I've run out of the small supply that I had and am wondering about whether or not to continue with it. I have a serious aversion to taking any kind of medicine on a long term basis; if I did have any deficiency, this little course of tablets should have corrected it. At thirty quid for a rather small bottle, the stuff isn't cheap. And for all that I sleep well, I have been waking still feeling tired.
In the interests of long-term health (and short term economy) I shall give up with the stuff for the time being.

I spent the morning productively (for a change). An hour's homework, then a psychology lecture. Last week I wrote an essay for that course - today I had to mark the essays of six other students. Some had made a good effort; some had made piss-poor attempts. And then the door bell rang. Our new wall unit was being delivered. Oh how I laughed.

The two delivery chaps were pleasant enough, but thick. The unit came with removable glass shelves. Neither of them had thought to remove the glass shelves and so were surprised to find one had shattered when they dropped it. We arranged for me to get some sort of a discount, and they drove off. "Daddies Little Angel TM" helped me get the new unit in place. Firstly we removed the old unit. In fragments. Oh, the clutter we found on it. Six tins of hot dog sausages and four tins of soup all seven years past their expiry dates. Countless baseball hats. Fishing rod bags. The Guinness Book of Records 1998. The Top Ten of Everything (1996 edition). My bronze swimming badge from 1975. Countless sets of luminous flashing rabbit ears, eight tiggers, All manner of tat. And when we had finally made a space for the new unit we had a surprise. The unit was too big. Eventually through forcing, heaving, straining and pure brute force we got the new thing in place. But it gouged a lump out of the ceiling as it went in. And it is now permanently in place. It will not be coming out again in this life.

After a spot of lunch "Daddies Little Angel TM" went up to town to get her new phone. her old one had been somewhat problematical since she dropped it in the sea last weekend. I went to the glazier to sort out a new glass shelf for my wall unit. Thee new glass shelf cost a quarter of the amount I spent on the wall unit. I am undecided what to do about the bill for this shelf. On the one hand it was clearly the fault of the delivery people; they admitted as such. On the other hand I bought the thing from a charity shop. I feel guilty asking for them to stump up for the shelf.

Once we'd done our respective chores we plugged "Daddies Little Angel TM" new phone in to charge and whilst we waited for PUK codes to do their thing we took the dogs round the park. We struck up a conversation with some nice ladies who were playing with their dog in the river. Fudge and Sid would paddle, but weren't keen on going in too deep. So "Daddies Little Angel TM" hoiked Fudge into the deep bit to prove he could swim. He'd been rolling in fox poo, so it was river or bath for him.
On the way home we met up with some geo-pals who were off to find the latest cache that I'd hidden. We exchanged pleasantries, then made our way home where I intended to do more on-line psychology, but actually played Bubble Witch and Candy Crush Sagas.

The plan for the evening had originally been to go on a walk with the arky-ologee club. But the house was such a mess following the aftermath of the new unit;s installation so we stayed home and er indoors TM" sorted out some of the stuff. If nothing else I have found my "Kiss Me Quick" hat and a false beard. Whilst she sorted stuff that really should have gone in a bin ten years ago I fed hot dogs from ten years ago to "Furry Face TM". Inn the meantime next door clanged scales out of their piano. you would think that after all these years they would be showing some improvement on the thing. But sadly not.
As they clanged I got my recent eBay purchases together and assembled my lego train track. It's almost there - I just need a few more sleepers to build a second loop, then I can measure up and see if I can't make space for a table somewhere.

Meanwhile my dog is really farting badly now. I wonder why...

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