20 June 2013 (Thursday) - 5-H-T

I went to bed last night still feeling icky. I slept till 2.20am, then dozed fitfully for the rest of the night. I finally got up just after 6am still not feeling one hundred per cent. I came downstairs to find that Fudge also seemed under the weather. Poor pup.
Mind you I'm wondering if my dodgy innards were more to do with the chocolate limes I scoffed on the way home on Tuesday evening, or having had my evening meal at 11pm for two nights running. As for the cause of the dog's malady I expect he's eaten something else that he shouldn't have.

Fudge then helped me eat my morning's toast (he likes toast) as I watched my dose of BattleStar Galactica, and as DLA arrived, so I set off to work. I needed an apple to go with lunch, but I couldn't be doing with calling in at the farm shop. Supermarkets do apples which are of better quality than the ones at the farm shop, and are cheaper too. Sad, but true. Whilst in the supermarket I looked for a yo-yo (for geocaching purposes). I couldn't find one, so I asked an assistant for help. This request foxed her, and she called over some colleagues. None of them had ever heard of the concept of a supermarket selling any sort of toy (let alone a yo-yo), so I gave up. The nice lady in the cheapo bargains shop was insistent that they had yo-yos. She had no idea where they were, and she couldn't locate them, but she was sure that they had some somewhere. Perhaps they have.

And so to work. I was greeted by a colleague who looked stressed. She stopped me and asked me if I thought she looked stupid. I wasn't getting involved, so I told her I was taking the Fifth Amendment (the right to remain silent) and left her to it.
A little bit later I took the opportunity to fan the flames by asking her if she had got the answer to her question. Mind you, it turns out (so she told me) that she is extremely intelligent, but she hides her light under a bushel. I do much the same. It is best to conceal the fact that one is a genius; society expects much less from tattoo-ed bald thugs than it does from geniuses.
Talking of geniuses, I was asked today which animal was it that only had one leg. My inquisitor was sure that there was a species of fauna that only sported one leg. She maintained that there was a colony of whatever-they-weres at Blean bird park.

And so home, where I am hoping for a good night's sleep. A colleague swears by 5-hydroxy-tryptophan which he assures me gives him a good sleep every night. He's given me some of the stuff to try. It comes from Holland and Barrett so it must be good sh*t (!) According to the Internet as well as aiding sleep, 5-hydroxy-tryptophan has all sorts of other benefits including curbing the appetite, reducing the symptoms and complications of cerebellar ataxia, lessening the symptoms experienced during alcohol withdrawal and reducing symptoms of mania. That's a result.
Mind you the stuff isn't without it's down side. Reported side effects include heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, muscle cramps, gas, bloating, and lack of sexual desire (which is probably for the best!)
I've taken the tablets. Let's see what happens.

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