11 June 2013 (Tuesday) - Slow Worms, Ghosts...

I slept well for a change. After a spot of brekkie I scrounged a lift to town. I had a cheque to pay into the astro club's account. Whilst in town I had a mooch around. It looks like the old hardware shop opposite the NatWest is closing down. I suppose they just can't compete for prices with the superstores. I popped into Wilkos for the makings for some ale for our summer party. They were having a sale on the home brew stuff. I got the ingredients for five gallons of mild for £6.28. That works out at less than sixteen pence per pint. That'll do me. I also got a Euromillions ticket. Winning that would do me as well.
I then went round to the pound shop for a look-see. There were bargains to be had, and I had some. There were also wall-to-wall screaming harridans, shrieking harpies and squalling brats as well. For all that I like the pound shops they can be just a little bit "council". But what does one expect for a quid.

I came home and mowed the lawn. Having nearly exploded the lawn mower last week I was wondering how the poor thing would cope today. It did quite well really. Whilst trimming the lawn I found a slow worm. In years gone by we used to have loads of them in our garden; we rarely see them nowadays. Which is a shame.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid, and we put Fudge's lead on him and took the dogs for a walk. Whilst going round by the Shetland ponies we had a surprise. We met Cheryl. I didn't recognise her. That was thick of me. We went on with our walk round to the park. Fudge was again mostly well behaved when off of his lead; even if he did vanish into the undergrowth for longer than I would rather he did.
There was someone with a power kite and buggy in the park. We watched for a while, then came home. By then it was mid day. As "Daddies Little Angel TM" vanished off on whatever it was that she was doing, I had a spot of lunch whilst watching my on-line psychology lecture. Today we looked at the Stanford prison experiment
It was scary. In 1971 experimenters set up a fake prison and volunteers played the roles of convicts and guards. Those playing the guards went from being decent citizens to sadistic bullies in a matter of days. Which goes to illustrate something I've said for years - those seeking power over others should not be allowed that power.

I then got my five gallons of mild into the bucket to start fermenting. I'm hoping for good things from this stuff. Pausing only briefly to return the most recent fruit of my loin to Folkestone I then set about Bubble Witch Saga games on Facebook until the clans gathered for the Tuesday evening session. After bandying insults we watched "Being Human" which was good; but not the same without ghost Annie making tea...

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