21 June 2013 (Friday) - Busy, Busy...

Last night was something of a test for 5-hydroxy-tryptophan. Did the stuff do the trick? Difficult to say, really. I woke at 3am, and several times after that/ but I got proper sleep, with some rather vivid dreams. The experiment was rather messed up by the shop over the road having a very noisy delivery at 4.30am. I shall try again tonight and see what happens.

After a spot of brekkie I took "Furry Face TM" for aa walk. This morning's constitutional was quite eventful. Fudge had a serious woofing fit at a vagrant in his sleeping bag in Bowen's Field wetland park. And I had a serious woofing fit at the fit (in more ways than one) young mother who came jogging past with a push chair. As well as transporting the littlun, she was using the push chair as some sort of exercise device. Periodically she would stop running with the push chair and start pulling various contortions over and about it. It was quite entertaining.

And so home, where I did my homework for the on-line psychology course. i had to choose a topic about how mankind interacts with animals and write a short piece on it. I chose "zoos - good or bad". I have a couple of days until the thing is to be handed in, so if any of my loyal readers would like to offer any comments or advice I'd be very grateful.
I then took the seats out of the car in readiness for the evening's plans. The seats are heavy - I weighed one. It weighed two and a half stone. That's a lot. And then I realised that in the last two years the amount of weight I have lost is equivalent to two car seats. That really is a lot to be lugging about.

After a spot of lunch I put the lead on "Furry Face TM" and took him ffor another walk. It's odd - no matter how little or how far we walk in the morning, in the afternoon he's still desperate for a walk. But when we go he is obviously aching and seems like he can hardly move. I wonder if some cod liver oil in his food might help him?
Whilst out we met a colleague who is hoping to move to the area. I replaced one of my geoccaches which I found had gone missing a few days ago, and we made our way home via the Bowens Field Wetland Park. "Furry Face TM" went straight into the swampy bit and came out smelling as though something had died. I'm not sure what it was that had died, but something had. My dog had found one of its bones. Recapturing the pup was then quite tricky as he seemed convinced I was after his bone.

And so to Smarden (via four geocaches) to collect the camping gear. We don't need it for a little while, but I was at a loose end today so together with the Bat, er indoors TM" and the Rear Admiral we got some of the gear together. I need to go through the shed to see what else we have, and what we need. Once home we put the gear away, and put the top box onto the car for the summer.

And with all the jobs done a lot earlier than expected we went out for a little drive. One of my geocaches had been reported to have a wet log so we went out and replaced one dry log with another. And then we went on to three more caches.
Home for a curry, and more 5-hydroxy-tryptophan...

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