16 June 2013 (Sunday) - Fathers Day

Over a spot of brekkie I reflected on the date. Today is the start of the coarse fishing season. In years gone by I would have been dashing out to go fishing. Fishing is something I've let slip recently. The coldblow syndicate would seem to have ended. A shame really; but I only used my coldblow membership once last year. Twenty quid for one afternoon is a bit steep. In fact I think I've only been fishing twice over the last three years.
And then Fudge started woofing. There was someone in the garden. A geocacher looking for the cache. I went out and had a chat, as you do. It was someone I've not seen at any of the meets, but a name I recognised, and it was good to chat.

"My Boy TM" called and we set off. There was a "Dad's Day" event organised for the fathers in the family. Over a dozen of us met up at Uncle Fred's yard and once the rain had passed the sun came out. We had a wonderful afternoon picniccing in the sunshine, flying power kites, playing rounders, having a barby. I particularly liked the barbecue which was cunningly made out of the drum of an old washing machine. I might just have to copy that idea for myself.
I fell asleep in the sunshine; and woke to find people saying their goodbyes. We went on to Dan-World where we watched Man vs Food and had take-out kebabs. Very nice,

I think I ricked my neck when I fell over playing rounders. It hurts to move my head...

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