1 July 2012 (Sunday) - Working...

I had the opportunity for a bit of a lie-in this morning. Last night was one second longer than it might have been since science had added an extra second to it. Apparently there is a need to synchronise time with the Earth's roatation; it's not going quite as fast as once it was. I know the feeling.

I had my official weekly weigh-in (a day late) this morning. I've lost a pound. My weight loss is odd. For all that this is the first actual loss of any weight for a month, I feel thinner just lately. I noticed yesterday when rubbing my back that the roll of blubber on my lower back isn't there any more. My ribs are individually distinguishable now. My hands and knees feel bony. I wonder if having lost quite a bit of weight, my body is having a bit of a re-distribution of what it's got left?

To work. As I drove along the A28 I listened to the Sunday service on the radio. In the past I was very religious - I suppose that was a result of my involvement with he Boys Brigade. I got confirmed, and was even a Steward in the Methodist church. When we left Hastings I saw the darkness and fell by the wayside. I even enrolled as an ordained minister in the Church of the Apathetic Agnostic. And now... I suppose still apathetically agnostic.
But there is doubt there - doubt which seems to be growing. Much of human history has been driven by the Christian Church. It seems very arrogant of me to blithely announce that all those people were wrong. But when I do get the notion that maybe the God-botherers have a point and listen to what they have to say; they seem to do an awful lot of sucking up to their God. Take this morning's Church service for example. "Oh Dear Lord - you are so wonderfully marvellously super. We are so not worthy of your amazingly brilliant trifficness." If there is a supreme being I can't imagine what it would want from me, but surely it won't want to be told how wonderful it is all the time?

Once at work I got on with what I had to get on with. It was odd really - having been resenting having to work this weekend, once at the place I didn't really mind being there. Particularly today when I spent much of the day listening to the torrential rain and realising that any plans I might have mode for today would have been washed out. I must admit I quite like working weekends and Bank Holidays: I get more of a sense of job satisfaction then.
It's just a shame that there's usually things going on at weekends and Bank Holidays that I would otherwise miss...

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