2 July 2012 (Monday) - This n That

I had an interesting phone call - Lewisham police station phoned, asked for me by name, and proceeded to ask about my step-son. When I told them I didn't have one they seemed to accept the news, and apologised for disturbing me. I can't help but wonder what that was all about.

After a quick spot of brekkie I went over the astro club’s accounts. It’s always worth doing soon after a club meeting; if only to see how much money we raked in. We raked in quite a bit last Friday, and having made sure it all agreed (to the penny) I trotted up to the bank to put lots of quids into the club's account. I then had a bit of a mooch around the town to see what was new, and on realising that little had changed I came home.

My Boy TM came home and gave me a hand getting the compost bin to the tip: it can be a bit wobbly in the car if I go on my own. There was a dodgy five minutes when I forgot I still had the roof box on the car and it hit the height barrier at the tip; but no damage seems to have been done, for which I am grateful. The box is huge – how could I have forgotten it was there?
We then took some bits and bobs from the garden round to the Fudgery, and having retrieved my hammer (which “My Boy TM ” had borrowed) I came home and wasted the rest of the afternoon on silly PC games. I had intended to go fishing, but a combination of intermittent rain and no-one to keep me company had put paid to that idea. Which was a shame.

I spent a little while messing with my new phone this evening. I've merged the duplicate entries in my contacts list. I've deleted several contacts I don't want any more. I’ve downloaded an app which tells me how much of my internet usage and calls I’ve still got left. It's told me about picture messages I haven't sent. I’ve downloaded “Angry Birds”. I wonder what other apps might be worth having.
I also played with the voice recognition software. Rather than typing texts, I can now just say what I want as a message, and to whom the message should be sent, and the phone (mostly) does the typing for me. I wonder if I could save time by doing future blog entries that way.
Talking of phones, "Daddies Little Angel TM" has dropped hers down the toilet, and an entertaining five minutes was spent packing the thing in rice to dry it out...

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