4 July 2012 (Wednesday) - Stuff

There was an interesting article on the radio this morning about a conference taking place amongst various leaders in the Christian community on the subject of gay marriage. Whilst personally I'm of the opinion that absolutely anyone can marry absolutely anything (if all parties are happy with the arrangement), I really have a problem with the Christian church's attitude on the matter. It says quite clearly in their bible that gay marriage is wrong. If they go against their teachings (for whatever reason) then surely the entire fabric of their religion collapses?

I had a couple of phone calls from employment agencies today. What was I looking for? Could they help me find a job? Here's hoping. And then I spent a little while playing with Google Maps preparing for the weekend's expedition. For all that I know the way to Brighton very well, I had a little go at trying to find some short cuts along the way. It turns out that I've been taking pretty much the shortest route for years, but there were a few miles that I could shave off by bypassing Tenterden. This weekend I shall save a few pennies when I go on my journey.

And so home, where we had a bottle of plonk with tea and I promptly fell asleep. I hate that...

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  1. Where's the badger take on the higgs boson / god particle? I was looking forward to reading that!

    TMWNA (pp)