16 July 2012 (Monday) - Dull...

I found myself waking feeling very refreshed after what seemed like a good night's sleep. But I suspected the worst when I realised it was still dark outside. I looked at the clock: 1.20am. I'd slept for about two hours. And that was pretty much it for the night. I dozed fitfully, but never got more than another ten minutes continuous sleep.
After what seemed like an eternity I got up, did my morning round, and put on a fleece to go to work. There is something fundamentally wrong about wearing a fleece in July. There is also something fundamentally wrong about having spent every day in July looking at the rain. The weather is definitely broken. I wonder if it can be fixed?

Work was work. On the way home I stopped off to get some petrol. In retrospect I should have got a car which runs on diesel and saved a small fortune. In retrospect I would have done a lot of things differently; had I known how things were going to turn out. I suppose I'm not alone in that respect.
Here's a sign of the times: an increasing number of families are staying at home and not going to any touristy-type attractions any more. The reason? Cost. It's not cheap to go out these days. I can remember taking the god-children to the zoo a few years ago. I'd (naively) budgeted spending forty quid for the day which would be a trip to the zoo, ice creams and McDonalds afterwards. It cost forty five quid just to get into the zoo.
And people wonder why my family holiday is a long weekend in a tent in a field.
After such a good weekend today was rather dull. Mind you I did smile when I saw the two time travelling phone boxes that I've used for today's piccie....

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