18 July 2012 (Wednesday) - The Olympic Flame

I'd been looking forward to today for some time. Several months ago the route of the Olympic Flame was publicised; it was to come right past the front door. Something like this was not to be missed, so we put the word out for people to congregate in the front garden to shout "Woo Hoo!!" at it. I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect, but we had a good time.
I'd hung out our Olympic flags, set up the camp chairs, and me and the Rear Admiral were sitting in the garden from 9am. There were a lot of houses up the street with flags and bunting. One house had an ice cream van in the garden. There was definitely something of a party atmosphere up our road today. There were loads of people out to see the event. The local happy-clappy church was giving out free bottles of water, the local vicar was giving out free scones.

Friends soon arrived, and over twenty of us watched proceedings from the front garden. I started on the beer at 10am, and was pleasantly refreshed by 10.15am. We woo-hooed at everything that came up and down the road, and woo-hooed like things possessed at the lady running with the flame. And when the lady carrying the flame had gone past.... we looked at each other and that was it. Suddenly there was a great anticlimax. Fortunately we'd anticipated this, and we adjourned to the back garden where we spent the afternoon having a barby. Having had a month of non-stop rain it was good to be able to have a barby in the garden.

We scoffed, and drank until the rain eventually started. And then we came inside and watched "Sky High" until it was time to call it a day. For all that it would have been good to have partied on, tomorrow is back to work for most people. Including me....

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