22 July 2012 (Sunday) - A House Guest

On Tuesday I mentioned that I missed being at the week's gathering. I also missed watching "Being Human" then, so I got out of bed at silly o'clock to catch up on that program this morning. It was quite a good episode really. I quickly checked my emails; I had one from Violetta who is apparently "a playful chick with a lot crazy thoughts in a head!" She admitted that she wasn't sure what she was looking for; probably "just exciting dialogue with fellows, maybe flirt, maybe bedroom relations or maybe some kind of building serious relations if we're lucky." She went on to hope that I would be exactly what she needed. I hope not.

On that note I set off to work. Three weeks ago I worked on the Sunday. At the time I blogged that I listened to the Sunday service on the radio as I drove in, and found it quite uplifting. This morning I listened to the Sunday service and didn't find that at all. This morning's service came from some happy-clappy convention, and far from having traditional hymns and stuff that I could relate to, it was all best described as new-age toadying. I didn't warm to it at all.
Three weeks ago I worked on the Sunday, and I mentioned that I didn't mind working as I spent the day listening to the rain. Today I spent much of the day looking out of the window at the glorious sunshine, and I sulked a bit about missing the pirate day at Hastings to which a lot of family and friends had gone. Mind you, I'm not complaining: the chance of bonus hours is not to be turned down lightly; even if I did miss seeing the world record amount of pirates seen together at any one time. I'm reliably informed that "er indoors TM" was part of a crew of over fourteen thousand pirates.

And so, after I'd done my bit I went home to find our new house guest was in residence. With the first fruit of my loins having taken his entourage on a family holiday to Great Yarmouth, we have taken charge of Fudge for a week. Fudge seems quite happy about the arrangement; so far he has destroyed his new toy, chewed the carpet and tried to eat the dustbin. Little does he know that it will be a week of "Dog Borstal" for him. I intend to give him a couple of serious walks, and his auntie is planning to do some dog training with him (whether he likes it or not).

I've been through the contacts list on my mobile phone. Since getting my new phone I have transferred all my old contacts onto it. The phone has then updated the contacts list with any data it could find on Facebook, with several email contact lists, with a very old Yahoo messenger application and with a large dollop of random guesswork. Consequently the phone number list I have on my phone is slightly at odds with reality. If any of my loyal readers wuold be so kind as to drop me a line with their current phone number, I'd be very grateful...

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