31 July 2012 (Tuesday) - Geocaching

There was someone shouting outside the house at 4am this morning. I wish they wouldn’t do that. And, as always, once woken I stayed awake. I got up, and was rather hacked off to see the rain. I had plans for the day. But I got a text – Steve was still game for a walk, and the weather forecast said that the weather would improve. So we carried on regardless.

Seven people and two dogs met up outside the KFC, and we made our way to Park Farm via all sorts of back streets and obscure alleys. From Park Farm we went on to Kingsnorth Church where we had a quick spot of geocaching. I’d heard all about it from Steve in the past, and we’ve been threatening to go geocaching for months. Today we had a go. It’s great fun. Someone hides a little box with a signature list somewhere and tells geocaching dot com where it is. Using a GPS based app on your phone you find the app and log it. Sounds simple, but it kept us out of mischief for a while.

We then followed the Greensand way from Kingsnorth to Great Chart (like I did last week with Fudge) where this time we did go to the pub. We sat in the beer garden and had our sandwiches. Smaller ones had a glass of pop; me - I had a pint of Doom Bar.
It had been a mistake to stop; we’d all seized up. Trying to move afterwards was hard work. From the pub we made our way home slowly. Having four (relative) littluns along gave us an excuse to stop at play parks on the way home. And we did do some zip lines too.

Once home I showered, ironed a couple of shirts, and signed up with geocaching dot com. It’s free to join up; the phone app cost six quid; but what is money for if not to squander foolishly. If any of my loyal readers geocache, why not add me as a friend. My user name is something that can be guessed rather easily.

And then, being Tuesday the clans gathered. This time at the Chrisery. On the way there I did some geocaching. I narrowed one geocache down to being in a thicket of stinging nettles. I tracked another as far as being in a rather large flower bed. And actually found the third one. I won't say where it is, just in case any other geocachers want to find it.
I was going to locate the geocache in St Mary's Church on the way home, but it was getting dark. I'll find that one another time...

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