8 July 2012 (Sunday) - Brighton Kite Festival (Still)

There must have been rice pudding last night - the stuff was strewn everywhere this morning. Brekkie was good, and just as we were finishing so the last of our contingent arrived. A day later than planned, and still rather sore, but it was good to see Terry and Irene.

As the morning wore on we heard horror stories of people whose camps had been washed out in last night's rainstorm, There was also consternation that the liquorice stall's gazebo had collapsed under the weight of rain water that had collected in the thing.
We had been fine, but it was a shame that others had given up and gone home. The liquorice people hadn't - so we lent them a spare gazebo.

Having flown kites yesterday morning, I attempted to do so again. Attempted and failed. All I did was to tangle everyone else up. So having flown the kites for five minutes to get them dry I tidied them away and made my way to the children's workshop for a second day.

Today was fun in the children's workshop. There was one particular customer - a rather serious harridan with a face like a bulldog licking tiddle off of a stinging nettle. She came along the line where children normally would. Her children peered nervously round her ample fundament. When I attempted to chat with her kiddies she moved between me and them, and told me quite forcefully that her children don't speak to strangers.
I suppose she had their best interests at heart, but the kiddies certainly missed out by not being allowed to make their own kites.

Unfortunately we ran out of lines so we had to close the children's workshop early. Back to base, where Terry was flying a beach-towel kite. We had fun flying this kite for an hour or so, then it was time for "er indoors TM" to go and fly her kites in the arena. Or that had been the plan. Unbeknown to us the schedule had been re-arranged. Oh well.... next year maybe.
We had a very good early tea. Madras and dahl and egg curry. Very nice. I started on the washing up, but was chased away from it, so I thought I'd take down the banners. I'd spent quite a bit of time during the afternoon watching them get almost dry enough to put away, only to get soaked by a passing shower. I wanted to get the banners away dry, but it wasn't happening this evening. Just as they were almost dry so the rain would start again. As we waved goodbye to Terry and Irene I gave up with the banners and started on the beer. Banners will keep until tomorrow....

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  1. I watched Tina fly her SPIRIT in the Arena.....