11 July 2012 (Wednesday) - Planning...

Somebody up our road had a lift this morning, and they kept their lift waiting; a car pulled up outside the house playing frankly awful music at 5am, and stayed there for five minutes until I heard the car door open, an apology for tardiness made, and the car drove off. Who needs an alarm clock?
Over a bit of brekkie I watched "The Brittas Empire" on UK Gold. I've not seen that for a while - for all that it is the sort of program that having seen one episode you've seen the lot, I still like it.

To work, where I spent much of the day staring out of the window at the lovely day outside, and sulking about the six wet days I've just had as a summer holiday. There's no denying I gloated when there was a torrential downpour in the mid-afternoon.

And so home to the emails. I've volunteered to be the key-holder for the up-coming kite festival at Teston. There's some consternation about the event. Apparently there are no longer wardens employed at Teston Bridge Country Park, and I will need to arrange to meet up with a warden to collect the key. There is talk of me doing this at 5.30pm on the Thursday of the event; which is when the gates will be opened for us. This is about eight hours after when I'd rather be getting started. I'll see if I can't do some persuading.
Something else about the planning for the event which has me worried is the perceived need for a written list of everyone who will be staying at the event (and their ages). I'm reliably informed that this would be needed for health and safety reasons. One can't help but wonder what these reasons might be.
I've blogged in the past that I have had concerns that this might be the last kite festival at Teston. I'm becoming more convinced of that.

Mind you, I've seen an idea which appeals. A few years ago I went to Dieppe Kite Festival. It was a good weekend, and wasn't too pricey. But it can be done on the cheap. We drive down to Newhaven on the evening of Friday 14 September and take the 11pm ferry (as foot passengers) and have a sleep on the five hour crossing. We have brekkie on arrival, and mooch round the festival for the day. Lunch is bread and cheese from the market. Dinner in a local cafe - they are quite cheap. And back to Blighty on a late ferry, sleeping on the way back. I might just be up for this one (funds allowing)

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