30 June 2012 (Saturday) - Swimming, Embezzling...

Having had a few days when I had no need to be up promptly I slept well. Needing to be up in time for a 9am start at work today I was wide awake from 4.30am. I am now certain that my insomnia is related to having set an alarm. So I lay waiting for that alarm, nodding off five minutes before it went off.
And when it did, because of my unfamiliarity with my new phone I couldn't turn the thing off. "er indoors TM" did laugh.
Over the last couple of days I mentioned that I have backache. It continues. It's a pain. Literally. I hope it gets better soon; I have all sorts of things I need to be doing, and having a back which isn't up to scratch won't be any good to me.
Whilst scoffing brekkie I sorted out the astro club's accounts. Last night was quite lucrative - I shall have to make a journey to the bank before much longer. But whilst we have some cash to hand I shall have to embezzle enough to pay for a colour print cartridge; constellation game sheets don't print themselves.

As I drove to work there was an interesting article on the radio - as from tomorrow swimming is banned in the River Thames. Apparently too many boats are having prangs having had to swerve to avoid swimmers. One can still swim in the Thames however; all you need to to clear it with the Port of London Authority and get their written permission. I would imagine that they wouldn't give it without an argument, though.
And having obtained it, if challenged, who would be able to produce such written permission from their bathing costume?

Regular readers of this drivel may remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was entering a short story competition. I wrote the story, circularised the first draft for critical review, re-vamped it, and then sent out the second draft to Beckenham for more comment. Comments have arrived, and I spent a few minutes re-writing today, and the third draft is probably ready. I shall sit on it and re-read it in a day or so before doing too much more with it. It's very difficult writing to a word limit, but it keeps me out of mischief (mostly)...

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