10 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Still Raining

Through the vagaries of my working rota, having had a long weekend's break I found myself with another day off work today. Which was probably for the best as we were expecting a parcel to be delivered. So I dragged the tent (still wet from the weekend's camp) onto the lawn, pegged out the washing, and after a swift bit of brekkie I did something I've been meaning to do for years. Three years, to be precise. I updated the kite club's website.
The kite club as an entity might be all but defunct, but as a group we still do kite festivals and do fly from time to time.
Whilst I was at it I updated the Bat-Camp website too. It's a nice little archive for anyone who might have a passing interest in Bat-Camping.
One thing which surprised me was the amount of rain we have at camp. From my diaries I saw that I made mention of heavy rain at nine of the last ten kite festivals I've done and at four out of the last five Bat-Camps. When I put it starkly like that it sounds awful. I suppose it's a testament to the fun that we have that I don't really remember the rain.

And talking of rain I went to the garden to see if the tent was dry. It had rained in the meantime, and the tent was wetter than when I'd started. Oh, how I laughed. So I went back to the PC and applied for a few jobs. I got the next load of beer into the barrel ready for the next camping trip in a month's time. And by the time I had a rather late lunch the tent was (relatively) dry. Which came as a relief. It's now in the shed, ready to get soaked again in a few weeks' time.

The doorbell rang. Our parcel had finally arrived. My plans for the day had involved doing another catalogue drop to the masses, but that was on hold until the parcel had arrived. It was gone 4pm by the time the parcels got here, and looking out of the window I could see that the skies were looking decidedly dark, so against my better judgement I played "Bubble Witch Saga" for half an hour or so before going round to Somerset Road where the tribes had gathered...

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