24 July 2012 (Tuesday) - No Internet !!!!

Yesterday afternoon my home internet connection was fine. It died over tea time, and didn't come back up. One only realises how much one values something when it is gone.

I phoned the broadband people to see if the fault was at their end. A disinterested voice told me that there was a fault in my area and it hung up. I wondered how he knew where my area was when I hadn't told him, so I phoned back. I got through to someone who clearly didn't speak English at all well. Certainly not well enough to use it professionally. I lost count of the amount of times I told her I didn't understand what she was saying; and at one point in frustration I asked her to stop saying "bid bid bid". Was that wrong of me?

Eventually I think she said that there could be a fault with some third party's equipment, and it might be fixed in a couple of days time. The internet connection wasn't working when I got up this morning, so I phoned back to the Internet people during the late morning today to be connected to someone whose spoken English was equally bad. I think I was told that they had received no update from whoever this third party might be. I tried phoning them again in the late afternoon and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing was told that they still had no news. As I hung up my mobile beeped. A text message. From the broadband people telling me that there was no news.
I'm hoping that the fault is with their tackle - I really don't need the expense of having to get a new router.

Meanwhile Fudge continues being Fudge. Having had a good night on Sunday night, he had a bad night last night. I lay awake for ten minutes about 1am listening to him crying. I went downstairs to sit with him, but he wanted to play. I had two choices. Either I could sleep with him downstairs or he could come upstairs. He's only a small dog. We didn't notice him sleeping at the bottom of the bed. and he was as good as gold, really. I expect we will regret having relented, but he was sobbing. I couldn't leave him alone all night. Mind you his auntie has been doing "Dog School" with him today. I did wonder if that might have sorted him out, but I am reliably informed that he was rubbish at "Dog School".

And there's an update from Great Yarmouth. The first fruit of my loin and his contingent have arrived safely and have been in the sea where they have been "playing like cods". That must have been nice for them. And the denizens of Great Yarmouth...

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