9 July 2012 (Monday) - Home Again

I emerged from the tent shortly after 7am to find the banners had dried overnight, so I spent an hour putting them away. It's a job I'd rather do on Sunday evening at kite festivals because it takes so long to do. As I did the job I found myself looking down the hill. On the second time we came to Brighton Kite Festival (ten years ago) we asked if we might stay over on the Sunday night. No one else did then. But we seem to have started something. II think it's probably fair to say that half the people who had stayed at the festival had stayed on over the Sunday night.

Brekkie was good - omelettes. Very tasty. And we then cracked on with breaking camp. Fortunately the rain held off, but it had rained so much over the weekend that the underside of my tent was soaked. I packed it wet and decided to worry about it later.

We spent five minutes moving a portable generator before saying our goodbyes and making our way home where it didn't take too long to pack the camping gear away. I got the tent's groundsheet dried and our sleeping bags aired. I got the tent itself mostly dried, but there were a few spots of rain blowing in the wind so I shoved the tent into the shed. I'll sort that tomorrow.

The electrician called and fixed our broken light. It would seem the dimmer switch had broken again. That's two of those that have gone in a year. That seems a rather high attrition rate to me. And as I was mucking about on the Internet my phone rang. Regular readers of this drivel might recall I took a literacy and numeracy test as part of a possible teaching job. It would seem I got full marks for those tests, and a nice lady chatted to me about possibly going forward with becoming a teacher. Do I want to? I don't know. I shall give it some serious thought...

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