17 July 2012 (Tuesday) - Money, Scouts....

I awoke this morning with something of a panic - the realisation that I'd not paid last month's credit card bill. I'm usually so good about that. In thirty years of having had a credit card I've paid it off (in full) every month. This time I was five days late in making the payment. I wonder how much that will cost me in interest?
Probably more than the worth of the money-off voucher I got from Morrisons when I re-fueled the car last night. For all that Morrisons has the cheapest petrol, I can't say I'm impressed with their loyalty points scheme. I've been gathering points from them for almost a year, and a year's worth of petrol has equated to a voucher worth five pounds. I get more profit in five minutes from doing on-line surveys.
I did two of those today; about beer and mobile phones. Mind you, those surveys can be a con sometimes; it annoys me to be over half way through the survey only to be told that I don't fit the profile they are looking for and to be rejected. Still, I've noticed that my shoes are wearing out - the money I get from the surveys will pay for a new pair (hopefully).

Talking of money, as I drove to work there was an interesting program on the radio about economics and the country's current financial plight. Apparently the current British economy is comparable to what it was in the early 1930s. The woman presenting the show had several guest experts in economics; all of whom were under orders that what they said had to be comprehensible to the average intelligent layman. I've always considered myself to be reasonably bright, but I couldn't make sense of what they were saying. I don't understand how having inflation running higher than the average increase in wages can reduce the national debt, but (apparently) it could do.
The program mentioned about how tight the current economic climate was, and how this is a terrible time to be seeking work. I got thoroughly depressed, and then an agency phoned me with a possible job opening. Here's hoping.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered; this time at my house. Being on a 10pm finish I missed seeing everyone. I was a bit miffed about that, but the chance of a couple of hours overtime isn't to be turned down lightly.

And here's something to make you think. In the past I've lambasted the Church of England for backing down on its principles to accept gay marriages. I see the Boy Scouts of America are standing firm in their rejection of all things gay, despite fierce criticism. Whether you agree with them or not (frankly I don't) you have to admire how they are sticking to what they believe.
Having said that, I can't pretend that I'm a fan of the Boy Scouts of America. Having spent a week with them at one of their summer camps I wasn't impressed with what I saw. They ran their operation along frankly military lines, and several of their leaders made it perfectly clear that having piercings and tattoos made me unsuitable to be a scout leader. I can't believe that my week in Camp Piggot was now almost exactly eight years ago. I've got a diary from that time somewhere. I wish I knew where it was...

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