28 July 2012 (Saturday) - A Birthday Party

We had a late night last night. By the time I'd done the astro club's finances, time was pressing on. I had a quick look on Facebook, and it seemed we were missing something special. Everyone was talking about the ceremony of the start of the Olympic Games, so we turned the telly on.
I wish we could have found what everyone else had found that was so interesting. For all that we had the right channel, I remain convinced that somehow we were watching the wrong thing. The entire world was enthusing about a show which was (frankly) tedious. What was the attraction of watching several thousand people walking round a stadium? I managed to give it fifteen minutes before I was bored senseless. I couldn't believe that some people had been watching that drivel for hours. But in the end we too watched it for hours; out of a sense of disbelief, really. The rest of the world was finding this opening ceremony to be wonderful. It wasn't wonderful. It was boring. Surely we must have been missing something?

I had my weekly weigh-in. I've lost a pound. Not really surprising when you bear in mind how much walking I've done this week with Fudge. Perhaps that's the key to further weight loss - borrow Fudge more often. Talking of which, whilst "er indoors TM" did the weekly shopping, I took Fudge for a walk round the Park Farm estate. Not a bad place to go exploring; Fudge seemed to like it. We came home, and despite last night's disappointment we thought we'd give the Olympics another go. I cheered Team Paraguay in the women's sculling. They came third in the heats. I know how to pick a winner(!)

We then put on our glad rags and set off to Park Farm (again). Drinkies, and then on to the coach and off to Finchcock's for a masquerade birthday party. Finchcocks is somewhere that I've driven past so many times and meant to visit, but never did. It was a good place to visit; especially today as it was the venue of a birthday masquerade. We started off with Pimms in the afternoon sunshine, then had a rather special buffet. A look round the museum of music where I finally learned the difference between a piano and a harpsichord (something which has had me foxed for years), and then a concert. The evening was rounded off by dancing to the live band. I had a go, but found myself struggling to contend with having more partners than sense. An entertaining time was spent trying to determine whether one of the band was wearing a wig, or whether his hair naturally didn't suit his head.

It was a great day out, with great friends. And just as we got on the coach to come home I suddenly realised that I've reached another stage in life. Once I went to a lot of birthday parties with jelly and ice cream. Then it was weddings.
Now it's fortieth and fiftieth birthdays. It will be retirements soon...

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