17 October 2020 (Saturday) - Back to Bossingham


I felt a little light-headed when I got up this morning. I do hope I’m not sickening for anything. I came downstairs and cleared up the turds that Sid had done overnight. At least they were by the back door – he’d made some attempt.

I made toast and peered into the Internet. I wasn’t the only one to have been less than enthusiastic about last night’s new Star Trek episode. If you had paid close attention there were all sorts of little things in the background which had been popped in for the fans. I didn’t notice all of them; I think I need to watch the show again to see if I can spot all of them, and to give the show a second chance. Having thought about it overnight, it bothers me. As a life-long trekkie with trekkie tattoos and having founded a Star Trek fan club myself it bothers me that the makers of the show are now pandering to the likes of me. There are endless little bits of “fanwank” instead of a plot.

Also it doesn’t help that the makers are flooding the market to maximise their profit. I got a Netflix subscription purely to watch “Star Trek: Discovery” and then the next show came out on Amazon Prime. There’s a new cartoon series exclusively on CBS (which would cost me too). I wonder if that will ever come out on DVD? I won’t ever see it otherwise.


With nothing else of note in cyberspace we got ourselves and the dogs organised and drove off listening to Steve on Radio Ashford as we went. The radio signal didn’t quite follow us all the way to Bosingham village hall where we met Karl, Tracey and Charlotte. Last weekend we’d walked the first half of a series of geocaches out that way. Today we went back to do the second half.

Having gone rogue on the order in which we cached last week we also went rogue again today, following the sequence from two to eleven, then in reverse order from sixty-eight back to thirty-eight. But again in doing so we go a mix of lane and footpath walking. Some of the lanes were a tad busy, but that can be true of any road. But the footpaths took us through some pretty countryside, and there weren’t *that* many pheasants that the dogs chased. As we walked we found a couple of rope swings. One was a tad flimsy, but we played on the other. I say “played”; Charlotte had a go for a few seconds and then we swung it about and Pogo chased and jumped at it. He would have stayed there all day.

As we walked we found something of a novelty in this day and age – an open pub. I pulled a face mask from my pocket and went in and got a round of drinks. And as the ladies were savouring their drinks I got me and Karl another. Whilst it was rather good to sit in the beer garden and have a pint or two, there’s no denying that I’ve had better pints than those served at the Rose and Crown in Stelling Minnis. The first was a tad iffy; it tasted OK but had a faint odour of manure about it. Seeing that the second ale was being put on I thought we’d try that. I thought that you can’t go wrong with an ale that has just been put on; this one had bits of stuff floating in it.


As we walked we met other hunters of Tupperware. We’d met them yesterday when they were finding the cache in our front garden. It was good to catch up again.

We walked seven miles today. Perhaps that was a bit much for the first outing of my new boots? I’d had to take them off in the car as we’d driven to the start. They were so tight it was like having my foot in a vice. But a combination of swapping to thinner socks and squeezing the boots about seemed to have done the trick, and the boots were OK.


Geocache-wise it was a good walk with straightforward finds. All with helpful hinds and all with good GPS co-ordinates. Thought I must admit that walking the entire series of seventy-nine caches in one go would be something of a mission. Walking it in two halves (as we did) made it much easier.

I took a few photos as we walked. It wasn’t a bad place to walk.


We came home, and all of us had a little doze – that walk took it out of us all.

I really should have an early night – I‘ve got an early start tomorrow…

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