4 November 2018 (Sunday) - Early Shift

Finding myself awake far earlier than I needed to be I watched a couple of episodes of "The Good Place" to bring me up to date as I've missed it recently. I've now caught up and have seen all the episodes that are available. The first two seasons were rather good; I'm rather concerned that this third season was commissioned on the success of the previous two even though the writers didn't really have any idea of where they might go with a third season. Much the same happened with "The Last Ship" and "Lost" and "Last of the Summer Wine". Such a shame that they drag out these shows far beyond their limits.

Leaving "er indoors TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and the dogs snoring I set off to work.  As I drove Rowan Williams (The ex-Archbishop of Canterbury) was on the radio spouting frank nonsense about music and architecture. Unlike most people I actually listened to what he said. Admittedly the words formed sentences, but no one sentence had any logical connection with any that came before or after.
It never fails to amaze me how no one is ever brave enough to stand up and say that pretty much anything coming from a cleric is frank nonsense. Take this morning's witterings; dribbling on when most people were in bed he could say whatever rubbish came into his head secure in the knowledge that no one would ever quibble.
I would be *so* good at being a vicar.
There was then an interview with a pair of sisters who were running a successful farm in the Shetland Islands (which was far less dull than it sounded, and far more interesting than what the ex-archbishop had been going on about).

I had planned to get petrol before going up the motorway. In the end I decided to get petrol in Maidstone. I arrived at the garage just as they were opening. That was good timing. I also saw that petrol is now five pence per litre cheaper than it was when I last looked. Bargain!

Resisting the temptation to have a full English in the works canteen I went into work. I had a rather non-stop day and was glad when the time came for me to beat a retreat.

Once home I got the light-up collars on to the dogs and we went for a little walk. I’ve noticed that you get a far more sociable dog and dog-walker earlier in the day in the park than you get later. As we walked in the dusk we found several dog-walkers who didn’t understand Fudge’s urge to climb on to the backs of their dogs.
Mind you I was glad for the light-up collars. In all honesty the new L.E.D. street lights might as well have been turned off for all the illumination they provided this evening. The only areas where we could see what we were doing was where the old sodium vapour lights were still in place.

We got home a little while before "er indoors TM". She’d delivered most-recent grandchild home and there was a minor issue in that somehow over the weekend "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" has lost a pair of trousers. I’m glad I didn’t take him home – I don’t want "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" on my case.
"er indoors TM" boiled up scran, then went off bowling. I’ve got a dog either side of me and I dare not move. I might just watch that telly…

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