27 November 2018 (Tuesday) - After the Night Shift

During a break on the night shift I saw I'd won another eBay auction. More 1970s Lego. Hopefully when it arrives this set of gears will be the basis of a windmill for the Lego diorama that I have in mind.

I did my bit at work and headed home. Much as I like the night shifts I do find them tiring. It was a shame that it took so long to get home this morning. The overhead motorway notice boards mentioned an “incident” which was causing delays. The “incident” was that someone had managed to drive off of the motorway into a hedge, and everyone was slowing to a walking pace to have a good look at what was going on.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking Brexit again. President Trump has now stuck his beak in and declared that the proposed deal sucks fish. Does he *really* think we don’t know that?

I got home just as "er indoors TM" was leaving. She had the hump because overnight some other car had scraped against hers. To be fair to her it has left quite a mark.
I then took the dogs round the park. Bearing in mind the shambles of recent walks I thought I’d try something different. Rather than having three leads pulling me about I dug out the old double-ended elastic lead and had the “terrible twins” on that. I originally got the double-ended elastic lead to have Treacle and Fudge on the same lead. It worked until Treacle grew from being a baby and I gave up with it when she was dragging him around. But the thing worked quite well today. Treacle and Pogo are about the same size and weight, and rather than dragging me about, they effectively cancelled out each other’s pulling.

Once home I made myself some toast and had a look at Facebook. One chap who was posting all sorts of Christian “God is welcome in my house” crap yesterday was this morning posting rather hateful racist memes. I pointed out to him that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees at one point. (They actually were – look it up in the Bible - Matthew 2:13–23). It didn’t go down as well as it might have done. I *think* that if wannabe Christians knew what the word “refugee” actually meant then a lot less offence would have been taken.
I had a look at the Facebook marketplace thingy as well. Have you ever looked at it? I wouldn't bother. It is standard practice on most selling websites that you put something up for sale and say what it costs. The featured price that you see on the advert is what the item in question actually costs. Quite a straightforward idea; a shame they don’t use it in Facebook marketplace. Everything appears to be dirt cheap to get your interest, but the actual price is buried deep in the article description. I lost count of the amount of things I looked at which were billed as "Free" only to see the actual price of "£20" (or more) being buried deep in the description.
Oh well...

As I scoffed my toast the new part for my CPAP machine arrived. I’d phoned the local hospital a week ago to get it sent out; it took a week to get here. To be fair to Royal Mail it was posted yesterday. So why did it take six days to get sent out? I would complain, but I know from experience that the management of that place loves nothing more than a complaint. Oh, the meetings and emails and paperwork they can generate…

I took myself off to bed; after an hour or so there was a frantic hammering on the front door. Some smarmy git in a cheap suit asked if he’d woken me up. I told him he had. He apologised and asked if I was a night worker. I said I was (today I am!) He apologised again and said there had been some mistake as he makes a point of never waking night workers. But as I was up anyway he tried to sell me cheap double glazing. I didn’t *actually* tell him to get knotted. Surely common sense tells him that if he goes round bashing on front doors indiscriminately he’s going to wake night workers?
As I was up I had some lunch (peanut butter on toast; same as brekkie) and then spent the afternoon putting the washing machine through its paces. And with washing washed and ironing ironed I had a look at the household accounts. As always they aren’t *that* bad really. More money would be nice, but if I can afford to be wasting my money on Lego I can’t be that hard up, can I?
I then fell asleep in front of the telly.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. We devoured it with a bottle of Chilean red wine whilst watching this week’s “Doctor Who”. I’ve not been overly keen on the show over the last few years, but this episode was rather good. And then we watched the semi-final of “Lego Masters”. Brilliant!!

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