11 November 2018 (Sunday) - It Rained

Another restless night. Perhaps the dogs should sleep downstairs? There’s no denying that having four dogs is a tad keen. Over brekkie Pogo crapped on the living room floor. It is closer to the garden than the bedroom, so I suppose that is an improvement on yesterday. As I scoffed my toast Fudge sat with me. He looked like it was all too much for him as well.
Facebook was filled with all sorts of stuff for Remembrance Day this morning, as well it should be. But I couldn’t understand what some people were posting up. Somehow they felt that wanting to remain part of the EU as being disrespectful to those who’d fought in the wars. Perhaps these people haven’t read much history? Another friend was seriously proposing that the entire country should have taken the day off work today for Remembrance. Surely one day off wouldn’t hurt the nation, he said… Well, speaking for myself there is a very good reason why my workplace never closes.

I popped round to B&Q to buy some odds and sods, and came home for what was supposed to be a day of D.I.Y. The light fitting at the kitchen end of the living room has been knacked for some time. Having been operating in the gloom for some time we decided to replace it with a standard “rose” light fitting. But once we’d got the old knacked fitting down we found there was far too much loose wiring to be shoved inside a standard “rose” light fitting. So we both went back to B&Q.
There was a range of light fittings. We needed something with a “skirt” big enough to stuff all the wiring into, but not too heavy so’s it would bring the ceiling down. B&Q had quite a good range of stuff. To be fair to B&Q *if* you know what you want then they aren’t too bad. It’s when you ask their staff for advice that you run into problems. We toyed with a colour-changing light thingy but soon realised that the novelty of that would wear off very fast. I quite liked the larger lights which I could only describe as “pendulous globes of joy” but "er indoors TM" wasn’t keen. In retrospect they were rather hideous. In the end we got something not entirely unlike what we already had. And to my absolute amazement we got the new thing in place on the first attempt and with minimal fuss and absolutely no swearing whatsoever.
I wonder how long it will last?
I had planned to replace the garden light and to fix the small leak on the lobby roof as well, but the rain outside put me off of that idea. I *think* I’ve found the source of the leak and I’ve bodged something until it is dry enough to apply the sealant.

We then went to Aldi to get the shopping. Usually "er indoors TM" gets the shopping on her own. I don’t usually go, and today I reminded myself why not. The normal people were out in force today. Does it *really* take the entire family of mum, dad, grandma and four kids to get the shopping? Is it a supermarket or a kids’ play area? Do people really have to physically pick up and scrutinise every single item in the shop before deciding they don’t actually want any of it?
I was glad to get home.

Once home we had a quick bit of dinner then took the dogs round the park. Four dogs is hard work. To be honest the hardest part on our walk was Sid. He didn’t really want to go out, and if wasn’t dragged he wouldn’t have moved at all. It was a shame that both Fudge and Pogo decided to “express the love that dare not speak its name” at Sid just as OrangeHead came in our direction across the co-op field. OrangeHead was having a whinge about the local thugs who ride their motorbikes around the co-op field. To be fair to the local thugs they were all sitting quietly by their motorbikes and not riding them anywhere, not one of the thugs was old enough to drive a motorbike legally, and if they didn’t ride them round the co-op field where would they ride them? There are those who would ask what they were doing with motorbikes in the first place, but… “not my circus, not my monkeys”.

A quick Belgian bun, then I set about ironing shirts and trousers. A dull task, but there it is. They don’t iron themselves.
Usually on Sundays we are out. But being home "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good roast dinner. Haven’t had a roast at home for some time. The dogs enjoyed their bowlfuls of chicken and potato and vegetables.
And with "er indoors TM" off bowling I watched a couple of episodes of “Prison Break” whilst all four dogs slept off their dinner.
Perhaps I should have kept them awake so they might sleep later?

Today was rather dull…

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