9 February 2018 (Friday) - This n That

I slept well, but still woke an hour before the alarm was due to go off. Finding myself cuddling my dog I lay there for half an hour then got up before back ache set in.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of “Plebs”; it is set in pretty much the same time period as last night’s “Britannia” and )from my “O”-level paralinguistic studies of the era I can’t help but feel that the comedy show is actually more historically accurate than the drama show.

I sparked up my lap-top for my morning’s catch-up in cyber-space. Facebook had nothing of note (which was just as well). But they did suggest I nominate a charity to which people could give on my birthday. I thought better of that. There are a *lot* of charities out there; what one person sees as a worthy cause, another sees as a waste of money. Personally I get very angry with charities taking over what was once funded by governments. MacMillan nurses and air ambulances come to mind. They are *never* going to be funded properly as long as people keep giving them the loose change in their pockets.
I did see an article about the sci-fi series “V being re-made as a feature film. That could be interesting. However the series (from the 1980s) has already been re-made once.
There are few new shows or ideas; but lots of re-makes.
My email in-box was equally dull this morning. I had an advert about a job in Margate that I really wouldn’t want. I had an email about another of the world’s top one per cent of geocachers. Having hidden only one sandwich box in the last four years, and only having four active ones to look after, this chap has been singled out over tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people who have done far more and far better than they have.

I set off to work through rather heavy rain. As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing how human eggs are being grown in the laboratory and how praying mantises can see in three dimensions. As always these science-related topics were treated with mild disdain and condescension. It never fails to amaze me how the people presenting the news take pride in their ignorance of science, but treat the soap-opera like antics of our politicians with such importance.

As I came to the end of the fifth week of me secondment to Pembury I discovered there is a Tesco not two minutes from work. I popped in there this morning. It was odd. I wouldn’t say that you could hear the banjos playing, but I’m sure that if listened carefully enough…  There were a surprisingly large number of children using the entrance foyer as a skating/scootering/cycling arena. I got the impression that the area was some sort of a creche for the staff.
When I paid for my stuff I got one of those blue tokens. When you go out you put the blue token into one of three slots all bearing the names of various charities. The idea being the one with most blue tokens gets charity money from Tesco. I got to choose between a local tennis club and two schools.
Didn’t I rant about “charities” earlier?

Totally failing to find a nearby geocache I went in to work where we had a major haemorrhage protocol simulation. Or a dummy run at a brown alert, depending on how you care to phrase it. Either way I was glad for the practice.
Having done reasonably well in my dummy run I then skived as best I could until home time. As I told a colleague today, taking the work station nearest the door meant it was less distance to walk at tea break.

With skiving done I came home. I *hate* the drive home; do people really need to have their headlights on high beam all the time?
Once home "er indoors TM" boiled up some rather good scoff and we tried to watch this week’s episode of Star Trek. “Tried” being the operative word as the puppy was playing up. She’s usually so good for me…

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