8 February 2018 (Thursday) - A Day in the Life

I slept well again; but I was again awake long before the alarm. I got up and my dog was hankering to go out. You can’t not let a dog out… he didn’t bark *that* much, and with his woofing done he took himself off to my bed..
Over brekkie I watched an episode of “Plebs” on Netflix. Plebs” is one of those little gems that do many people have missed. There’s quite a few like that. “Still Game”, “The Good Place”… I wonder how many are still out there for me to find? I found a list…

I then sparked up my lap-top. I’d been asked to provide a weather report for a friend. At six o’clock it was clear, cold and icy. I sent the update and had a little look on Facebook. Squabbles continued to abound as they do.

I checked my emails. Yesterday’s blog entry received an anonymous comment. I thought I’d turned off the anonymous commenting? But I had a wry smile when I read the bit about “there was no row kicking off until you added you comment”… The entire concept of FTFs wouldn’t have been mentioned on Facebook and at pretty much every geo-meet in the first place if there *wasn’t* any such row. “anonymous” – clearly doesn’t lurk in entirely the same circles in which I lurk. The seemingly trivial issue of who is the first one to unearth a hidden pot has been *seriously* causing upset for some time because no one is given a chance to join in. And as for “everyone ended the evening happy” - did they? I was still reading bitter messages about it all in the middle of the afternoon.
I can’t help but feel that there are those who are missing the point of a hobby. The whole hunting Tupperware thing is supposed to be fun…
I had a notification about a job in Guys hospital (which I would rather not take) and a job in Chelmsford. Chelmsford? I suppose that it isn’t that far as the crow flies. But then a crow can fly straight across the Thames estuary, can’t it?
I had two emails from LinkedIn that I deleted without opening, and the nice people at the Environment Agency had sent me a questionnaire about the fishing licence this morning. I did chuckle when I read the question about whether or not the fishing licence is good value for money. Despite my prompting them, they never actually took any money for my licence last year. And they asked me if I thought the Environment Agency was responsible, trustworthy, effective or reliable. How would I know?
I do hope that fishing licence money wasn’t wasted on that survey.

I wasted ten minutes trying to find my sexy hat before setting off to work. As I walked to my car I met an ex-colleague who was walking her dog. We chatted for a bit; things are no better at ex-work than they were seven years ago. The one who made the place a misery years ago is still making the place a misery. My policy of putting her in a room of her own and leaving her alone all day every day (just to keep the peace) is still in effect. Management remains afraid to confront her, and her bullying continues unchallenged.

I scraped the ice from my car; the thermometer said it was minus six degrees as I set off. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing the MP Jo Swinson about proposed changes in the Palace of Westminster to put an end to the institutional sexual harassment. Ms Swinson rather amazed me by saying that anyone who is accused of sexual harassment probably has a history of doing so. So much for evidence, eh? And she rather put one of the pundits on the spot by asking him about various unguarded comments he’d made about another BBC presenter. I did laugh; it was exactly the sort of thing he does every day to all sorts of guests on the show; he *really* didn’t like it being done back to him.

Work was work (as it so often is). I came home to find my sexy hat laying on the table where I’d left it.
"er indoors TM" had already taken the dogs out. The house seems empty without them home. "er indoors TM" then boiled up dinner and went off to craft club. Together with the wolf pack I watched the last two episodes of “Britannia”. I can’t help but feel that the whole thing was one big anti-climax. There were nine episodes in total, all setting the scene for something which never happened.
Perhaps things might happen in the second season. If there is one?

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