10 February 2018 (Saturday) - Busy Day

The trouble with my little secondment to Tunbridge Wells is that in order to learn the new (to me) ways of working I really have to be there during core hours. I find weeks of five days of nine-to-five far more tiring than weeks of odd hours here and there. With no alarm set this morning I slept through for three hours longer than I have done all week and would have slept longer had nice-next-door not decided to do noisy sex at half past eight.
Here’s a tip for my loyal readers – should you feel the urge to “do the dirty deed”, do it quietly, eh?

I got up and made myself some brekkie. I had a look-see at the Internet. I had a bit of a chuckle… last night a new series of geocaches went live to the north of Ashford. I wondered if anyone would be stupid enough to go out in the dark and the rain to chase the First to Finds. In one of the FTF logs (timed in the late evening) I read “…thought it would be a nice opportunity to do some night-time caching as I feel that it brings in an entirely new experience to geocaching - especially when done alone, which can be rather exhilarating at times.
So one idiot had gone out after dark in the rain and cold and mud to tramp round the countryside on his own. There had been warnings given earlier in the day about how slippery the terrain was. Had he gone arse over tit, this chap would have been dead from exposure by daybreak.
They say everyone does the hobby differently…

As we scoffed brekkie both of us got the same email. A new geocache had gone live nearby. We looked at each other, realised the dogs needed a walk… We were out of the house in ten minutes, ice scraped from the car after five more minutes. A ten-minute drive, ten minutes rummaging in the undergrowth and a joint happy dance.
There are those who claim I have an inconsistent nature to this FTF thing… They are quite possibly right.
With the First to Find successfully First to Finded we then carried on into the woods with the dogs. The idea was to take a circular walk. Whilst a route was clearly marked on the map, the map was at odds with reality. The clearly marked path simply didn’t exist. So we back-tracked and took another way through the woods. It was a good walk through rather pretty woods even if I did nearly go arse over tit in the mud.
We even found another geocache as we went. A rather huge one.

We came home via the co-op for rather disappointingly stale Belgian buns and I then walked up to the town centre. I popped into the bank, then went up to Skin Tec Tattoo. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that in December I got a tattoo done. I won’t say where I got that one done, but for those who know where I live, it was the studio up the road, and I wouldn’t go back there again. On the sixteenth of December I wrote “I wonder how long it will be before I can get a cover-up done?
Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with the nice people in Skin Tec Tattoo, and today they sorted it out for me (as best they could). The roses now look like roses, the cardinal points of the compass are now in the right place, and the compass now looks more like a compass and less like a pissed lifebelt.
Whilst I was in there I saw a design I’d like for my next tattoo… maybe in a few months – unless anyone would like to contribute to it as a birthday present. Maybe I could crowdfund it? These tattoos aren’t cheap, and especially not when they cost twice as much to put right as to have them done in the first place.

I came out of the tattoo studio to torrential rain. We’d done the right thing taking the dogs taking the dogs out this morning. I made my way home via Ashford’s tank and the milk shake bar which was open (for once). I fancied a crunchie and crème egg milk shake; they made me one. I drank it as I got wet on the way home.
We watched “Four in a Bed” on Channel Four; I do like that show. Four Bed & Breakfast owners take part and each in turn plays host to the other three. It amazes me how some places provide so much so cheaply, and others charge a fortune for so little.

The plan for the evening had been to go out for dinner, but unforeseen circumstances conspired against that. The plan for the evening also involved us dog-sitting grand-dog Rolo, but unforeseen circumstances conspired against that too. So "er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips and we had a quiet evening in watching stuff on the SkyPlus box. We started off with this week’s episode of The Orville which wasn’t that bad compared to some of the other episodes of that show. Then we saw the last episode of this season o “Hunted”; I could do that show. I thought about applying, but if I did so I wouldn’t be able to blog about it (it says so in the rules) so I decided not to. We watched this week’s episode of Trollied which was good (as it usually is). And now we are watching Tattoo Fixers (for which I no longer need to apply)…

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