17 February 2018 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

I slept like a log last night, and would have kept sleeping had Treacle not decided it was play time at eight o’clock this morning.
I got up just as "er indoors TM" was going out. Months ago I’d agreed to run the monthly geo-meet today, so the family went and organised a mass in honour of father-in-law who died a year ago. Part of me would have liked to have gone to the mass, part of me can’t help but wonder what it was all about. It would have been nice to have been there, but I’d already made other arrangements.

As I scoffed my toast the dogs squabbled in the background. It is easier for me to have brekkie whilst they are still asleep. If they wake up first, by the time I get up they are rather fractious. They certainly were this morning. One would bark at a shadow, and the other would bark because the first had. And then the one that hadn’t barked first would woof for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and the second would copy.
As this went on I managed a quick look-see at the Internet. There were no emails of note; I wondered if I might get emails about new geocaches as last night "er indoors TM" had hidden some new geocaches locally for today’s event. I had thought she’d left it too late for them to be published today. It looked like she had.
Mind you I had a couple of spamming emails which made me smile. Something for nothing as a marketing ploy probably worked once. Free beer was being offered. Free beer my arse! When you read the small print, the deal was that they sent you a case of beer (for which you paid the postage) and then they send you a case of beer every month for which you pay twenty-five quid. That’s something for nothing, isn’t it?
I also had a deal from Pieroth wines in which I was being offered six free bottles of wine… *if* I first spent three hundred quid with them. I actually sent them an email saying they could send me just the free wine. I bet they don’t.
I saw I had some new e-friends on Facebook, but other than that nothing new had happened there overnight.

Totally forgetting it was a Saturday I took the dogs round the park. Fortunately we missed the park run which had taken place an hour earlier. We had a good walk; but there was one little incident in which Fudge set off following OrangeHead, and we had to back-track about three hundred yards to retrieve him.
With dogs walked I watched an episode of “Plebs”, settled the hounds, then we went on to the day’s main event.

Every month the local hunters of Tupperware meet up; today it was my turn to host the meeting. My friends at the Windmill had allowed me to use the room on the first floor, and we had a rather good meet-up. There were people there who turn up to every meet; there were those who were at their first ever meet-up. There were over thirty people along all told. I was rather pleased with the turn-out. I even took a few photos of the event.  
In honour of our having the meet the people at the Windmill had arranged to have a barrel of Razor Back  on the hand-pump as Karl likes the stuff (as do I). In one of life’s ironic twists it was today that Tracey was taken poorly.

We had booked the room till two o’clock; we stayed until four. I was rather pleased at how well the meet went. "er indoors TM" drove us home; we walked the dogs round the park…
I’ve just woke up. It is ten o’clock. Where did the day go? – It is a long time since I’ve had a gallon of ale…

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