4 February 2018 (Sunday) - Wet Sunday

I had an awful night’s sleep. I went to bed shortly after ten o’clock last night and saw every hour of the night. I gave up trying to sleep at half past five, came downstairs and watched the episode of “The Good Place” that became available last Friday. Actually it was broadcast for the first time last Friday and I effectively caught up with the series just as it ended. It was such a shame that this end-of-season episode was perhaps the weakest episode of all of them. Mind you Wikipedia says there will be a third season.

As well as checking Wikipedia I also had a look at Facebook. I got a little frustrated when I read posts from people who claimed they didn’t know the beer festival was on yesterday. This happens all the time – I try to organise something, I send out invites, and reminders, and messages… On average maybe a quarter of the people I try to contact ever reply, and then people whinge when they feel they’ve missed out.
And with nothing else of note having happened in cyber-space overnight I set off to work.

As I left home the snow was falling. I walked up the road listening to someone's alarm clock going off. They had their window wide open so's everyone could hear the alarm. When I got to the car I had to dust the snow from my chest; it had laid on me.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were wittering about churchy things. they had the son of the evangelist Billy Graham on. He was ranting about how the election of Donald Trump was God's will, and how gay marriage was wrong. He *knew* this for a fact because God had told him.
Fundamentalist loonies are *so* dangerous.
There was also a lot of talk about the radical views of British Christians. There is apparently a growing body of British Christians who don't go to church any more. Calling themselves "Christian" it seems they don't agree with what their faith teaches, so their answer is to keep the label of "Christian" but not go to church just in case you might hear something you don't like.
Funny way to do religion?

As I had a little time I thought I might hunt out a geocache that I would be driving past. I couldn't find it, but I did (finally) track down the one at Bo Peep corner that had been eluding me over the last week or so. As everyone else said, I turned round and there it was. If everyone else was finding the same as I did, then the co-ordinates are a road width off.

I'd actually left home early to get a fry-up on the way to work. There is no McDonalds on my drive to Pembury, but there is a little cafe in Goudhurst that claimed it opened at eight o'clock. Since last Friday they've changed their opening time to half past ten.  So on finding them closed I drove up the road to the pub which advertised "breakfasts". Now, call me old-fashioned if you will, but if your pub is advertising "breakfasts" in large letter then the place really shouldn't be locked and in darkness at eight o'clock, should it?
Fortunately the hospital's canteen came up trumps.

I did my bit, and came home again. When I was five minutes from the cache I couldn’t find this morning I got a message. A gaggle of friends would be at that location in five minutes. Did I fancy another look-see? We met up; I had another look-see and we found the thing in seconds. What had I been playing at earlier?
It was good to catch up and chat with the friends who’d been out walking. But I was glad I hadn’t been with them. The weather had been somewhat variable today; going from bright sunshine to torrential rain and back again within fifteen minutes pretty much all day long.

I then did a spot of maintenance on one of my own geocaches and had a little snigger. Someone with over seventeen thousand geo-finds had logged a DNF on one of my caches and had sent me to sort it out. I went along with a replacement cache to put out, but I found the original hanging where I put it out three years ago.
As I was in the vague area I went on to Angling Direct. "My Boy TM" had got me a voucher from them for Christmas. I treated myself to a new fishing catapult. My one has seen better days and has several knots in it where the elastic has snapped. As I shopped I tried to ignore the fishing bore that was trying to hold court at the counter. A lot of fishing tackle shops have a fishing bore who stands at the counter and regales the world with tales of the one that got away. No one listens to them, but that never stops them going on ad nauseum.

I came home, and together with "er indoors TM" we took the dogs round the park. Bearing in mind how the weather had been today, we went expecting to get wet, and we got wet. It was bright when we left home; we came back through rain and sleet. But the dogs like a walk.

Once home and dry again I solved a few geo puzzles whilst "er indoors TM" cooked up a rather good dinner, then with her bowling I sat with my dogs and watched a couple of episodes of “Britannia”. I might need to watch the whole lot a few times to really understand who is who and what is going on.

It’s been a surprisingly busy day today…

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