13 February 2018 (Tuesday) - Shark's Liver

Having slept well for a few nights I did that thing last night where I woke full of energy and raring to go, only to find it was only a quarter past one. I then saw every hour of the night and gave up trying to sleep at half past five. I wish I didn’t do that.

I got up and watched an episode of “Plebs” as I scoffed my toast. A couple of years ago Fudge would loiter hopefully for toast crusts at brekkie time; nowadays he just snores on the sofa. I thought about watching a second episode of “Plebs” but decided against it. I sparked up my lap-top instead.
Not much had happened on Facebook overnight (which was as well), but I’d had a few emails. As well as baffling emails about virtual rewards, and notifications for jobs that I don’t want to apply for, I had an email from LinkedIn saying I might congratulate Alan M Rubins on his work anniversary. I *might*… if I knew who he was. Is it possible that I’m somehow attached to someone else’s LinkedIn profile? I don’t seem to know any of the names that crop up on the emails they keep sending me.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were discussing the sort of things that should and shouldn’t be on social media. The head honchos at Facebook are up in arms following Unilever’s announcement that they are taking their custom elsewhere. There was some executive from Facebook being interviewed; she kept wittering on about how proud they are at Facebook of their “community standards”, but was stymied again and again as the pundits on the radio had example after example of where their community standards are breached, the breach reported, and nothing done (as as been my experience).
There was also talk about a constitutional crisis with the Commonwealth. It turns out that there is uncertainty as to who will take over as head of it when the Queen dies. Whilst the smart money is on Prince Charles, it’s not guaranteed. There was talk of the member states having a vote… this would be rather ironic as several member states don’t let their own citizens vote.

I could tell it was half-term week; the roads were very quiet this morning. I got to Pembury twenty minutes quicker than usual. So with a little time on my hands I hunted out a geocache by one of the churches. It was broken; I replaced it with a new one. I’m kind like that.

I went in to work and had a busy day. So busy I was rather late out; I’m usually very prompt out of the door at home time.
Once home I ran the dogs round the block, and (seeing it was a Tuesday) the clans gathered at our house. We watched the videos of the launch of Elon Musk’s humungous rocket, and then watched the third episode of “Mars”. We got thoughtful as we do… For all that Elon Musk is the way of the future for space exploration, is leaving something this important to a private individual a good idea? If I was him, in ten years I would be on my little colony on Mars. In twenty years I would be running my rather huge empire on Mars. And there would be nothing that any Earth-based government could do to stop me…

And in closing yesterday I mentioned that Treacle liked the taste of the preparation H that I put on my healing tattoo. Did you know that one of the ingredients of the stuff is shark liver oil? This answers the question of why she likes licking it off of my arm; she *loves* her cod liver oil tablets.
However this does raise the question of whatever was anyone thinking when they tried alleviating the pain of their haemorrhoids by rubbing a shark’s liver on their arse…

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