20 February 2018 (Tuesday) - Jack the Ripper

I didn’t sleep well; seeing pretty much every hour of the night. But that wasn’t really surprising. I never sleep well when I have something of a busy day planned.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of “Plebs” (which featured Miriam Margoyles) before sparking up my lap-top for a quick look-see before getting on with the business of the day. Some time ago Gordon and I had started looking at geo-puzzles in the Whitechapel area of London, and we’d arranged to go up to London to collect them. We’d asked if anyone would like to come along, and five of us set off towards London.

There’s no denying I had a little trouble with getting there. I bought my ticket, and within seconds of getting on to the platform there was an announcement over the tannoy. There was apparently problems with trains coming from London to Ashford this evening; the station would be closed. There was to be a bus service, and for more details I should ask the station staff. The station’s office door was open so I asked the chap sitting at a computer what was the deal with the trains this evening. He sighed, rather dramatically and asked me if I knew what tonight’s winning lottery numbers were, and went on to say that he wasn’t a f…ing clairvoyant. I smiled and told him that the announcement over the loudspeaker said I should ask station staff. The chap sighed again. Apparently the station staff at f…ing Orpington have control over the loudspeakers at Ashford and they just f…ing male stuff up.
Mind you, the guard on the train was rather more helpful. I say helpful; he had no idea about any problems, but he went away and found out, and didn’t swear at me. He suggested I put in a formal written complaint. I would if it might achieve anything.

I eventually got to Whitechapel tube station only to find that my sat-nav had lost all the information I’d put into it last night. Oh dear. Just as well my phone can double up as a sat-nav.
I met Gordon, but everyone else was running late. Gordon and I made a start. First of all we followed a series of virtual puzzles around the various parts of London in which Jack the Ripper had done his thing. We had a rather good walk, and were soon joined my Martin, Nick and Sid… but as a “Jack the Ripper” tour it was a disappointment. The trouble with any “Jack the Ripper” tour is that since Jack did his thing the area has been flatted and rebuilt, bombed bulldozed and rebuilt, and so the area now bears no relation whatsoever to what it used to look like.

We completed the “Jack the Ripper” bit by lunch time, and stopped for a bite to eat. A latte and a beetroot & cheese panini went down rather well. We then found a few geo-puzzles on our way to Bishopsgate. There is one particular puzzle which is one of fifteen stages. We’d figured out as far as stage twelve, and now it was time to put this puzzle to bed. With a couple of dozen clues to juggle, the puzzle took some solving, but eventually we were doing the happy dance for this one.

By now it was getting dark. We made our way to St Paul’s tube station and crossed town to Tottenham Court Road from where we picked up a few caches whilst making our way to the geo-meet which was happening this evening. Geo-meets are usually good; but I must admit to a degree of disappointment with this one. I blame the venue entirely; it was so noisy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I had no problems getting a train back to Ashford. I wonder what that announcement was all about this morning. Perhaps the station staff at f…ing Orpington really do just f…ing male stuff up?

I took quite a few photos today. Once home I uploaded them. Today was rather good… but I already have plans to go back to London…

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