3 January 2013 (Thursday) - Busy, Busy...

As "er indoors TM" set off to work I snuggled down for a serious lie-in. I managed five minutes before the phone rang. Tony wanted a lift to work. He was out of luck today.. So I got up and during my morning ablutions I heard the dulcet tones of "Daddies Little Angel TM" who had arrived and was haranguing Fudge.

We then took both dogs for a walk. On the way I intended to post some letters. Disaster - the pillar box had gone. How can a pillar box go missing? It was at this time that we met up with a fellow dog walker who told us that the thing had been taken away a while back as local vagrants were using it as a dustbin.
We then walked up to the park where I refused to look for a new geocache. My scrat-nav told me that it was yet another one which was breaking the rules by being rather close to a play park. This really boils my piss; I've had two cache hides refused by the establishment because they are within (distant) sight of play parks whereas other people are allowed to hide caches on the railings of play parks, in the hedges surrounding them, and even actually in the play equipment.
Instead we walked on to find a different geocache which had gone live recently. On the way we met Dave the Dachshund, and then Hurksy. Between us we found this cache. It was a crafty one which made us think. Whilst we were finding this one we met up with one of the chaps from astro club, and Fudge stole another dog's tennis ball which was embarrassing.

We then wandered on past the lake, and up into Singleton for another new geocache. And then we made our way home via the environment centre where we met some spaniels: Frodo and Eric. I was amazed at Fudge's attitude with the other dogs. A few months ago he would fight with every dog he met. Now he's far more playful. There are occasional spats, but he's far better than he ever was.

Once home I hosed the fox poo off of Fudge (I wish he wouldn't roll in that stuff!), and it was time for housework. Washing mud from shoes and wellies, washing what was in the laundry basket, hoovering. The time flew and soon the Rear Admiral visited over a lunch break.
After a swift bit of lunch I set about the ironing. It only took three hours. Whilst I was at it I watched a film I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box over the Christmas break. "Silent Running" is a classic sci-fi film. I can remember it being really good when I watched it in my youth. Today I was disappointed. It's a film that hasn't stood the test of time. With far too many plot holes, far from being a classic it was sad. "Hippies in Space" would have been a better title.

And then we all went to Folkestone for the evening. Fudge went off with Sid for a walk round the beach whilst we visited the Hoseys and had a rather tasty bit of Chinese take out and several episodes of "Big Bang Theory". Must do that more often.
A really good day - it's only a shame I feel so grotty....

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  1. Hi Dave as you know wet on my first Geo the other day was rather disappoint not to see you there as you know I read your blog and made the occasional comment but was amazed after what you said on your blog the tenth cache we came across was in a children play area Maddi's PlayGround REVENGE if this has been ok surely the clue to location was in title cache, so double standers appear to be in place. Ps u need to update comments info as u need Google account now