14 January 2013 (Monday) - Stuff

Last week I was in London for a couple of days. It was as well that my business there didn't over-run because yesterday was International No Pants Subway Ride Day in which people around the world made journeys on tube trains with no pants. Fortunately (or not) the American definition of "pants" was used. In my world that means "trousers". Personally I would have thought that if you were planning to flop it all about, then January wouldn't have been the best time to do so. But what do I know?

Bearing in mind that I was back to work today I had something of an early night last night, only to be woken by "er indoors TM" coming to bed at 2.35am. I then lay awake until finally giving up on sleep and emerging from my pit at 5.30. After my ablutions I watched an episode of "South Park" with Fudge asleep (and snoring) on my lap. Today's episode was a classic - Cheesey Poofs and the Planetarium.
And then to work. Five minutes earlier than usual because I needed to brush the snow off of the car. We had snow overnight. A light dusting, but snow nonetheless. The mere mention of the word is enough to make the country grind to a halt. As I drove to work more snow fell. Not much, but as it fell it was freezing to the windscreen, which was a nuisance.

The day's news was somewhat depressing. the World Health Organisation has failed in it's mission to eradicate polio. There are still parts of the world where it is endemic. And to add insult to injury it seems that the people most in need of the polio vaccine are refusing the treatment because they see it as part of a western plot to take over the world. You couldn't make it up !

I spent quite a bit of the day looking out of the window wondering what would happen with the snow. My main worry was that it would melt and then freeze, and I would be driving home on sheets of ice. As the day wore on rain fell and washed most of the snow away. And so home via Stanhope - an old friend had advertised on Facebook that she wanted rid of some old dining chairs. periodically when we have dinner parties we never have enough chairs. Two more wouldn't hurt, so I popped round to collect them on my way home.
Being unable to park anywhere near home I've left the chairs in the car for the time being. But they will come in handy...

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